Gumball Machine Maker, Super Sweet Stunts

Tinia is my little helper around here.  She’s really a Godsend and I love her to pieces. She’s always coming over to see if I need my trash taken out or my floors vacuumed (failed back surgery, long story) so I wanted to get her something special and this Gumball Machine Maker put a big smile on her face.  She’s had so much fun with it, and bragged about it so much that I just had to add it to my Christmas gift guide.

Gumball Machine Maker

Gumball Machine Maker

Check out this video to see what all this gumball machine maker can do.

I found this while looking for red gumballs to make reindeer poop (yes you read that right) goody bags to put in the kid’s Christmas stockings.  My kids have my crazy sense of humor, what can I say, lol.  Anyhow, back to this fun and amazing gumball machine.  While the kids are building their machine, it gives them physics lessons in the process.  And if you’ve ever been to my site, you already know that science was my favorite subject in school and continues to fascinate me.  So, when I look for toys for kids of all ages, I look for science-based toys whenever possible.

I know sanitary issues can be a problem with hands-on foods but don’t worry about that with this gumball maker.  The gumballs land in a collection cup and can easily and sanitarily be returned to the globe for another run.  The gumballs perform stunts and tricks while going down so it provides amusement as well as learning different lessons in mechanical physics per each track.

This gumball maker is very affordable which is another reason I added it to my Christmas gift guide.  I want to give plenty of options for every budget.  Click on my above link to learn more or if you’re ready to go ahead and make a purchase click on the following link:  Gumball Machine Maker – Super Stunts and Tricks.

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