What types of drugs are used to lower cholesterol?

What types of drugs are used to lower cholesterol?

Human beings care significantly less about themselves until they get ill or infected. We often ignore our day-to-day habits and follow or ignore time routines generally. We never focus on such small things in life until it troubles our schedule like irregular meals, improper nutrition intake, too much eating of junk, poor sleep rotation, ignoring physical fitness, and poor cardiovascular fitness. Obesity has been the most common health problem for many centuries, and surveys suggest more than 36 percent of Americans suffer from it. The main reason behind it is our daily patterns and how we do things. 

It becomes severe when it gives birth to other problems in the body like declined mental fitness, poor quality of life, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It is an intricate health problem that can be hereditary also in some cases, but individuals can control it with a good diet, nutrition plan, and exercise. In the contemporary world, life has become so quick and fast that we get so tired and exhausted to even think about our health or fitness these days. And, after the pandemic era, it has only boosted the speed of things in life like anything.  

Now, one can do everything from home only without stepping outside the house. Reports conducted last year suggest that more than three hundred thousand citizens of the United States of America die every year due to not being fit. But, citizens are now getting more aware of their health since the pandemic has made everyone believe in the value of their lives. Since then, similarly, the government and human welfare organizations have become more aware and alert concerning this and are collaborating with pharma companies to spread more and more awareness in America. 

This article will help you learn about cholesterol and how it can keep you fit and unfit. And, we will find out more about various medicines or remedies like Sunday Scaries CBD available in the market to control cholesterol levels. 

What is Cholesterol? 

It is nothing new that anyone doesn’t know or didn’t read. Cholesterol is a leather-like substance present in the human body and is sticky. It lives in a cell system and works like a fat substance. The objective of cholesterol is to:-

  • create hormones,
  • make Vitamin D,
  • digestion process.

It is a mixture of fats and proteins known as Lipoproteins. They can be two types, Low density(LDL) and High-density Lipoproteins(HDL). HDL helps the blood cells to remove unnecessary fat lying around the body. Low-density cholesterol is dangerous, as it deposits around the arteries and forms knots that result in blockage of the blood inflow/outflow. 

What types of drugs are used to lower cholesterol?

Statistics tell that around two and a half million people die in America due to complications relating to high cholesterol. 

Varieties of drugs that lower cholesterol levels.

  • Statins 

Stains are one of the most familiar drugs present in the market for cholesterol deficiency patients. They support the liver in lowering the creation of cholesterol. And help the body to terminate excess cholesterol present in the bloodstream. It also has other benefits like it improves the operation of the blood, declines inflammation problems, and reduces the risk of blood knotting. Users can consume it without any worry of poor side effects. A few popular stain names are Atorvastatin, Simvastatin, Rosuvastatin, and Pravastatin. 

A consumer should not use grapefruit products and alcohol when using statins, as it can boost the possibilities of an increase in side effects. 

  • PCSK Inhibitors

PCSK Inhibitors support the body by lowering the proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin-9. They are antibodies that help users with high cholesterol problems. It results in a reduced amount of low-density cholesterol in the blood. Studies prove that it is very influential in improving general health. 

One drawback these drugs have is that they are a little expensive compared to other competitors. The chemical compounds in these drugs can also cause side effects like back pain, flu, and itching. 

  • Flax seeds

They are the most famous herbal remedy that we have used since ancient times as traditional medicine. Flax seeds are rich superfoods that are red-brown in color and are full of nutritional qualities. In Ayurveda, they consider it a source of health, brain, and immunity booster. The flax plant contains both flaxseed and oil. It possesses qualities rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, generally present in fish. 

However, one should consume them in a limited amount only, and regular use of them can result in changes in the body as they are very rich in nature. 

  • Cannabidiol(CBD)

Cannabidiol grows on the Sativa plant, and Southeast Asian countries have been using CBD as a traditional remedy for ages. But, it does not contain elements that induce dizziness like marijuana products. It belongs to the marijuana plant species only. In today’s time, CBD Oil In UK is gaining popularity.

Cannabidiol can help the body decline tension, strain, hunger, and depression. It has no side effects when used adequately in fixed dosages. And these characteristics directly relate to reducing low cholesterol levels. 

What types of drugs are used to lower cholesterol?

  • Nicotinic acid(Niacin)

The scientific name of niacin is B-complex vitamin. It reduces triglyceride levels and increases the levels of high-density lipoproteins. 

A consumer can use this drug without any prescription from an expert. But, the amount of consumption should be within limits only. Some people are allergic or can’t tolerate some things, so niacin is a good substitute for people who cannot abide by the effects of statin. 

Some types of Nicotinic acid are Niacor, Niaspan, and slo-Niacin. 

Consumers whose blood sugar levels stay up or keep rapidly fluctuating should avoid using this drug as it increases glucose levels in the blood. 


There are many medicinal substitutes available in the market that can reduce cholesterol levels, but the difference lies in the effectiveness and quality of the products. People have more faith nowadays in Naturopathy, and the healing properties come in handy in these products. A consumer can use a mixture of various drugs to increase the pace of recovery. For example, a blend of Statin and Nicotinic acid can increase High-Density cholesterol by more than twenty-five percent. 

We want to advise the readers that if a person is a patient of some ailment and taking medicines for it, they must consult a medical expert first. It will help your body adjust slowly to them.

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