Did you know that bulldogs were originally bred to fight bulls? Bull baiting was a popular blood sport in Britain from 1206 until it was banned in 1835.

When bull-baiting was outlawed in England, dog owners saw potential in this breed. People started breeding bulldogs to be kinder and gentler.

Okay, there’s no denying the English Bulldogs have the most distinctive appearance: with that massive head, those floppy jowls, and impressive presence… Who would say no? However, it takes considerable effort to keep these adorable dogs happy and healthy, particularly when they are puppies and they need specific English bulldog toys.

Your best furry friend deserves a treat she will love. We list and review the best English Bulldog toys in this ultimate guide.

English Bulldog Toys They Need

English Bulldogs are a variety of dog breeds classified as “flat-faced” dog breed. Of course, the English Bulldog’s flat face is cute – after all, these dogs are among the most famous in the world!

Dogs, like humans, get tired of toys. They can chew a toy to death and then be bored. Incorporating new toys as English bull dog gifts is a perfect way to stimulate your bully physically.

Dog Treat Puzzles

These engaging dog puzzles, which dog behaviorists often recommend, are intended to keep your bully entertained while you are out, prevent boredom, and encourage their natural interest.

Although these toys provide your dog with much-needed emotional stimulus, nothing will replace the value of engaging in fun play with your dog. When you can’t be there, puzzle toys are a perfect replacement.

Using a dog food puzzle toy is a great way to keep your Bulldog busy.

Tug-of-War Ropes

Playing tug of war with your bulldog is an excellent way to both physically and mentally exercise him. It’s the perfect way to let both the dog and the owner blow off some energy.

According to new findings, the more activity a dog engages in, the less likely he is to exhibit behavioral concerns.

Try a one-to-two-foot-long soft and comfortable tugging rope made of fleece or soft cord. Toys made of bungee rubber also make excellent tugging toys. They’re easier on your hands and less stressful for you and your dog.

Dental Dog Chews

Much like humans, dogs can suffer from oral problems such as bad breath, bleeding, or irritated gums. Too-crowded teeth and an underbite, particularly in bulldogs, can cause chewing problems, inflammation, and, eventually, dental problems.

Make it fun, buy chews made out of rawhide as these are natural and made from cow or horse hides. Chews come in a wide choice of sizes and forms, such as in the shape of bones, etc. Make sure you buy the right size chew for the size of your bully.

Comfort Toys for Your Bully

Both puppies and adult bulldogs may benefit from having soft toys to snuggle with and offer warmth and comfort.

Since your English Bulldog has a powerful jaw, you should look for soft toys that are strongly made yet soft.

Keep Your Bully Happy

For bulldogs, toys are not a luxury but a necessity.

English bulldog toys are essential to your bully’s quality of life. When you are out and your dog is alone at home, toys keep them happy and offer comfort when anxious. Toys may also help in the avoidance of certain problem behaviors in your bulldog.

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