$100 Paypal Cash, Walmart, or Amazon, eGC Giveaway

$100 Paypal Cash, Walmart, or Amazon, eGC Giveaway

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year as well.ย  I’d like to help one of you make your new year a little more special with an after Christmas cash giveaway.ย  ย This giveaway is really easy to participate in and is just my way of saying thank you for your continued visits and support.ย  May 2018 be as wonderful for you as it can be. Winner will have the choice of receiving $100 from my verified PayPal account, or, a $100 Amazon eGC or a $100 Walmart eGC. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in participating in, please enter using the below giveaway form. I will contact the winner when the giveaway ends (usually within 24 to 48 hours). Thank you for participating xo.

$100 PayPal Amazon or Walmart eGCC Giveaway

$100 PayPal Cash, or $100 Amazon eGC, or $100 Walmart 3GC

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$100 Paypal Cash, Walmart, or Amazon, eGC Giveaway


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  3. Please check your email. You forgot to tell me which one you want :0, lol.

  4. In 2018 I plan to finish up my academic research, and get back to my gym routine. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. One thing I will do today is not to leave kind sentiments/utterances of love unsaid – SAYING these things to loved ones is important because we never know when these words might be the last.

  6. The one thing wish to accomplish in 2018 is to organize our budget and gain more control over saving money!

  7. Today is the first day in weeks that our temperature is over 32, so I am going to venture outside a take a nice walk to boost my energy!

  8. I’d like so stop smoking in 2018.

  9. I plan to watch the whole season of my favorite TV show… lol

  10. One thing that I want to accomplish this year is organization…and a big garage sale!!! Time to clear out stuff we do not use.

  11. I’m going to catch up on my truck logs and watch tv.

  12. I want to find a local job where I don’t have to travel 3 – 5 days a week. I want to spend more time with my new daughter.

  13. I’m a busy mom of 4 as you can imagine I don’t get much time to myself so I have tried to take a little time to myself more. I’ll always be mom first and foremost but I can’t forget about myself

  14. Thank you for this opportunity

  15. I would like to move to a quieter neighborhood in 2018.

  16. I plan on continuing to surround myself with people who are positive.

  17. One thing I am going to do today is have the family play a game after dinner! Love that family time!

  18. In 2018, I am going to call my brother once per month.

  19. I have a date today. Romance is a great way to live life to the fullest!!

  20. This year I plan on eating healthier and spending more time with my boys and the’re dad! ๐Ÿ˜ I plan on looking in to cake decorating classes to help my mother inlaw with her new disness making her amazing cakes! To live my life to the fullest id like to become more adventurous!!!

  21. i want to accomplish reorganization of the house in general and have a good clear-out.

  22. i plan to enjoy the nice day and take advantage of the clean healthy air and exercise

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  24. I want to declutter my house. I already started by cleaning out my closet.

  25. I’m living life to the fullest by spending time with people I love.

  26. My goal is to work on being healthy and happy.

  27. This would truly be a blessing >

  28. I want to help change the composition of both houses of Congress.

  29. I plan to live life to the fullest by reading a good book!

  30. I want to get the majority of this 160 year old home finished being remodeled. It has been a challenge and an expense.

  31. I am home today and my kids and I just played a playstation 4 game together with move.

  32. My goal is to continue losing weight!

  33. I plan on living life to it’s fullest by cutting out toxic people and bad vibes!

  34. my goal is to live more in the present

  35. I plan on working out and treating my body with respect

  36. Lose the 25lbs I gained while unemployed, start my own business, and live my best life!

  37. Don’t let my fear of failing get in the way of anything!

  38. Resolution to stay active nxt year!

  39. I would love to quit smoking this year to better my health and everyone around me!

  40. I am going to be snuggling with my honey and kids and watching some tv!

  41. My goal for 2018 is to run a marathon in under 3 hours and 51 minutes, which is my personal record.

  42. Today I plan on working out at the gym to start a healthier lifestyle.

  43. my resolution is to start eating healthier

  44. I am going to celebrate a New Year’s eve with my family

  45. My New Year’s resolution and goal is to lose 10 lbs!!

  46. Simple pleasures can be the best. We’re having homemade rolls and split pea soup I made in the slow cooker. So good, and it is minus 7 degrees below 0 out, and it will be fun to cozy up and keep warm.

  47. That’s one of my goals this year too. Hopefully, we can encourage each other to make that happen.

  48. Amazing Giveaway. Happy New Year to you too.

  49. My goal is to eat healthier and exercise daily.

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