3 Tips For Adding A Fruit Tree To Your Garden

3 Tips For Adding A Fruit Tree To Your Garden

A fruit tree can be a beautiful, natural, centerpiece for your garden space. These trees don’t just look gorgeous, they also provide you with your own fruit. So, there are dual benefits here, but how do you grow your own fruit trees? 

These days, life is a lot easier than it used to be as you can literally go on the internet and buy trees online in a matter of minutes. However, there are still a few key things to know before you add a fruit tree to your garden. Here are three crucial tips to keep in mind:

Consider what fruits grow well in your climate

Some fruits only grow well in certain places. As such, if you get the wrong fruit tree for your climate, you’re going to end up with a disaster on your hands. It all depends on the temperature, the amount of sunlight you get in your garden, and the soil in your area. With a bit of simple research, you will quickly discover which fruit trees are viable options for you. From here, you can look at the list and consider what fruit is the best one for you to grow. Ultimately, this will be a personal preference thing; pick the fruit you like the most out of the ones you can grow in your garden!

Prune your tree regularly

Pruning is the art of cleaning up your fruit tree to keep it happy. This means removing things like dead wood or trimming branches that are growing a bit too crazily. A well-pruned tree is a must as this will ensure that the leaves have access to direct sunlight. It will also mean that there’s room for the fruits to grow on the tree. If you don’t trim things down now and then, the leaves won’t get enough light to grow big juicy fruits, and the fruits won’t have enough space to grow properly. 

Ensure your tree is pollinated

Some fruit trees can pollinate themselves, but the majority of them require assistance from other living beings. Consequently, you need to ensure that your tree gets pollinated, allowing the fruit to grow. The good news is that this isn’t really that tricky to do. It’s mainly a case of ensuring that you don’t have things in your garden that can keep pollinating creatures away. For example, if you use a lot of pesticides in your garden to kill weeds, this could scare away creatures that are useful for pollinating your tree. Likewise, white noise or high-pitched frequency machines that you may use to scare rodents away could scare other creatures and stop your tree from being pollinated. So, get rid of things like these to ensure that bees and other creatures are always coming to your tree and pollinating it. 

On that note, you have the fundamentals in place to plant a lovely fruit tree in your garden. Remember to pick one that will actually grow in your local climate, prune it regularly, and ensure it gets all the pollination it needs. Now, you’ll have a vibrant tree that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your garden while also providing fresh fruit for free!

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