July 4th Weekend Binge Worthy Shows 2021

July 4th Weekend Binge Worthy Shows 2021

I’ve compiled a list for you of binge-worthy shows to watch on your July 4th weekend. I’ve personally watched these ahead of time before recommending them and I loved them all.  I love movies.  When I see something I want to see at the movies, I head there to watch them asap.  I’m the same way about streaming shows, series, and movies.

The first series I’m going to recommend is something I wouldn’t normally watch because it’s a political series.  I don’t know what made me turn it on but I’m glad I did.  It’s so fascinating and makes you wonder just what does go on behind the scenes in the White House and Capitol.  It’s called the Designated Survivor.  I’ve included the trailer to Season 1 below.  It’s the best show I’ve seen all year. Watch it, you won’t be sorry.  You can find this on Netflix.

Next up is a Netflix original series based on a true story about the notorious Pablo Escobar. It’s one of those series that keeps you on your seat waiting to see what happens. It’s in Spanish but it does have English captions. This is definitely in the top 10 best Netflix shows I’ve seen to date. I knew about Pablo Escobar, but I really didn’t know what I learned in this show. I guess I’m naive.  I wouldn’t recommend it for kids as there is a lot of violence and other non-kid noteworthy things in this series. It’s called Pablo Escobar, el patron del mal and it has 74 episodes so make some popcorn before it starts. It’s going to take several days to finish this one. This is a good rainy day weekend show. It takes you through all of Pablo Escobar’s drug crimes, his killing spree, right up to his death. Below is the trailer but it’s not in English.

Next up is a show I’ve been watching over and over ever since it first came out on Amazon Prime. It’s one of my favorite shows to rewatch and there aren’t many or even any, that I have watched as much as I have this series. This show includes people on both sides of the aisle, the rich and the famous, and those who work for them. It highlights strong women which is what I consider myself to be and it has enough love and scandal to keep everyone engaged. The show is called Downton Abbey and it remains very popular to this day. I’ve included the trailer for Season 1 below.  This is available on Netflix through series 6.

The next series is one I started watching with my teen granddaughter. I really didn’t think I’d like it but it ended up being one of my favorite series on Amazon Prime Videos. It’s about teenagers that graduate from high school, mentioning this as to why I decided to watch it with my teen granddaughter. It’s entertaining, keeps you wondering and I’ve watched both free series on Amazon Prime and am going to purchase the remaining ones. I’m too impatient to wait for them to become free ;). The show is called Panic and I think it’s perfect for my older audiences even though it has a teen feel to it, which is why I’m adding it to my list. Please watch the below trailer to see if it’s right for you.

Next up is a movie that takes you back to the 18th century. It’s well written and for history buffs like myself, I found it so interesting that I couldn’t stop watching it until it was finished. It’s based on a true story about Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire who is actually an ancestor of none other than our beloved Princess Di. I guarantee that once you start watching it, you’ll see why it’s on my list of shows to watch. It’s short at 1 hour and about 50 minutes long. But it’s packed full of action, history, love, and heartache. It’s 100% worthy to be on this July 4th weekend recommendations even though it’s not a series. The title of this movie is called The Dutchess. I’ve also included a movie trailer below (which may be a little too spicy for some) to give you an idea of what all can be found in this entertaining movie.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it free on Amazon Prime Videos.

Another movie I just have to add is The Impossible. It’s about the December 26, 2004, Tsunami and it will give you chills. It’s so realistic that it will put you right in the middle of the worst Tsunami there ever was. I’m not going to give anything away about this movie. You’ll just have to watch it to find out what it was like during the Tsunami. You can view it on Netflix. I’ve included the trailer below. It’s about an hour and 57 minutes long.

There you have it. My July 4th, 2021 binge-worthy shows to hunker down with for the weekend. Do you have any suggestions you’d like to share? Please do so in the comments below.

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July 4th Weekend Binge Worthy Shows 2021

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