How to Clean Your House Faster: The One-Hour Cleaning Method

How to Clean Your House Faster: The One-Hour Cleaning Method

Cleaning can be overwhelming. No one likes to spend their days off scrubbing their house from top to bottom. And how do you keep organized? Is there a way to keep the clutter down throughout the week?

Well luckily for you, we have a guaranteed way on how to clean your house faster!

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Take it in Sections

When starting your hour-long cleaning endeavor it’s important to not get overwhelmed.

Taking your home in sections is important. Focus on the bedrooms. Spending a few minutes on each room by stripping the linens, wiping down surfaces and giving it a good de-clutter will spruce up any space.

Dusting with a dry microfiber cloth will ensure that none of the knickknacks around your spaces will be built up with grime.

Top Down Method

When cleaning it’s important to start from the top and work your way down each space. If you think about it, this is a pretty common sense sort of method. If you’re dusting your fans or vacuuming your ceilings, there will be a lot of grime that makes its way to your floors.

So working your way down each surface ensures a more thorough cleaning.

At the very end of your cleaning process, give the floors a good scrubbing or vacuuming. We’ll cover that in another section.

Prep the Bathrooms and Kitchens

While you’re in the process of cleaning your home, it is a good idea to prep some of the trickier rooms or surfaces. Spraying down bathroom sinks, placing toilet scrub in the bowl and getting your stove and kitchen sink sprayed down as well ensures that by the time you’re ready to hit those rooms, your cleaning will go much smoother.

Like many things, prep is the little bit of extra work that makes the whole cleaning process a little bit better for you. Planning your process and sticking to it will keep you organized as well. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed as you’re cleaning.

Sweep the Floors in the End

When your hour is up, it’s time to get the trusty vacuum out and give your floors a good clean.

Starting in the bedrooms and working your way through the home will ensure you cover every inch. It will also help you from backtracking or getting fresh grime in clean spaces.

If you have pets it’s important to find a cleaner that will work the best at catching and containing all extra hair and pet dander. Comparing cleaners is always important if you’re a pet owner. Not all vacuums are created equally.

If you’re interested in Dysons, give this Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal review a look. These vacuums will treat your home well and further ensure your hour-long cleaning patterns are easy to work through.

Call in the Professionals

This is a situational solution if money isn’t an issue. Hire professional house cleaners for a one-time job or on a routine basis if the house cleaning will take more than an hour on your own. You can rely on the professionals to deliver quality results when you’ve had a busy week and do not have the inclination to do more work around the house or if you have a busy household with a big family where general cleanliness turns to vapor in a matter of days.

Know How to Clean Your House Faster

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We have hundreds of lifestyle topics to scour through and we are sure you’ll find all of the advice you need!

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