Physical exercise is among the most effective ways to lose weight, keep fit, and improve your health. It is more of a lifestyle thing rather than a one-time activity.  It requires discipline, consistency, and hard work. Physical exercise helps manage various chronic health conditions, gives you energy, improves your mood, reduces stress, promotes your mental wellness, enhances your productivity, improves your heart and overall health, and lowers your risk of infections. Maybe you are wondering how and where do I start? NY FITPROS specializes in providing personal training, medical fitness, and weight loss services in New York. The New Rochelle personal training specialists commit to enhancing patients’ active lives through physical exercise. To learn more about the benefits, call or book online to schedule your appointment.

NY FITPROS is the first and only medical fitness and weight loss center in Westchester. The practice focuses on improving health, relieving chronic pain, and enhancing weight loss through personalized exercise and nutrition programs. The team of certified fitness professionals is highly skilled and trained in medical exercise to promote health and manage chronic health conditions. NY FITPROS offers advanced personal training programs to help you achieve an active lifestyle and improve your health. Visit them today to get started on your physical exercise routine.

What is personal training?

A personal trainer is a professional fitness instructor that helps you achieve your fitness goals. Personal training is a health and fitness career that focuses on guiding clients and patients on effective and customized workout ideas to improve their health and achieve their fitness goals.

Who is the right candidate for personal training?

Physical exercise has many health benefits, including improving brain health, minimizing pain, and boosting your mood. No one is too old or too out of shape for it. Hence, personal training is for everyone.

The highly skilled medical exercise specialists at NY FITPROS understand that every person is different with special needs. Thus, they aim to create personalized training programs to meet and address every patient’s unique concerns. Their programs guarantee successful outcomes and long-lasting lifestyle modifications.

During your consultation, your provider evaluates your body to determine what you need to maximize your health and wellness.

They use the SMART START Assessment to determine the right exercise program for you, which evaluates:

  •       Postural analysis
  •       Cardiopulmonary fitness
  •       Push-pull strength
  •       Joint biomechanics
  •       Functional movement pattern
  •       Brain gauge mental fitness assessment

What types of personal training groups are available?

NY FITPROS offers various personal training group programs, including:

  •       Small group personal training
  •       Small group training for weight loss

What results can you expect from personal training?

Your training results at NY FITPROS will vary based on your goals, overall health, and fitness needs. However, many clients manage to lose 8-10 pounds of body fat during their first month. Also, after a week, they continue to lose 1-2 pounds of body fat.

To sum up, personal training provides you with a personalized training program to help you achieve your desired fitness goals. The personal training medical team at NY FITPROS provides you effective workout plans to help you with weight loss, manage chronic health conditions and improve overall health. It is never too late to start your training program. Visit the practice today for your consultation and change your life for the best.