Baking with Wilton Gifts 2021

I got a new stove.  It’s been a long time since I was able to say that.  It’s not a baker’s stove or anything fancy, but it’s new and I’ve been a baking fool.

Because I got a new stove, I decided I needed to update my bakeware as well.  Some of mine were looking well used because it was.  And then I had some that were just plain hard to wash.

As I’ve mentioned several times already, I’ve started my Christmas Gift Guide 2021.  I take all of the things I’ve purchased throughout the year and decide which ones are worthy to be mentioned in my guide.  And of all the cookware and bakeware I’ve purchased, to date, only my diamond-infused (no that’s not a typing error, it really is diamond-infused) bakeware set from Wilton made the list.


This beautiful 9 pieces non-stick navy blue baking set is worthy of gift-giving to anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen. The set comes with a large baking sheet (Texas sheet cakes my dears), an oblong pan with a handy cover, a 12 hole muffin pan, plus two round cake pans, a silicone spoon, spatula, and a slotted turner.  Whew.  Everything a baker needs for holiday cooking or just a meal with family and friends.

A lot of bakeware claims to be nonstick but I have never washed up baked-on foods in pans as easily as I do with my Wilton set.  I don’t have room for a dishwasher in my apartment so I wash everything by hand.  It’s really important that I buy pans that are easy to wash.

This might sound wasteful but I’ve bought pans that I used one time and gave them away.  With a warning that they’re hard to wash unless they are put in a dishwasher.  Me, myself, and I, and a lot of pans have a love-hate relationship.

I purposely made a mess with a crumb topping on my muffins to see just how easy or difficult baked-on foods would be to remove.

Baking with Wilton Gifts 2021

The silicone spoon, spatula, and slotted turner are a gift in themself.

Baking with Wilton Gifts 2021

As a semi perfectionist, this mess wasn’t easy to make.  However, the only way to test something is to really give it the once over.

Baking with Wilton Gifts 2021

Delicious and as is noteworthy with this set, everything is always perfectly baked.  And watch how easy it is to remove the baked-on crumbs in my video below.  Washing this set is a breeze.

Not only is it important that my pans are easy to clean, but I don’t want to cook onions in them one day and the next when I want to make an icebox cake, they still smell like onions.  With Wilton, I’ve not had that issue at all.  In fact, recently, I baked a hen, and after washing I was able to make some banana pudding immediately after drying it.


Baking with Wilton Gifts 2021

Rosemary lemon jalapeno blackened chicken.  I’m still trying to master the blackened part but I’m getting better, lol.

 Baking with Wilton Gifts 2021

Another thing I like about this set is that I don’t have to cover my meals with tinfoil while baking them.  I like my meats to have a roasted outer layer.  Everything I bake turns out juicy and perfect each and every time.

The set comes with a large baking sheet, oblong pan with cover, muffin pan, two round pans, silicone spoon, spatula and slotted turner.

From main meals to desserts, from desserts to main meals, there is no leftover odor with the diamond-infused bakeware set from Wilton.

Baking with Wilton Gifts 2021

Now that’s bakeware worthy of any Christmas Gift Guide.  From now until November 8, 2021, you can save 25% sitewide  Plus, free shipping on orders $49.95 or more when you make your purchaseThe savings excludes clearance items. The discount is shown in the checkout.

If you’d like my baked hen or stuffed acorn squash recipe, leave me a comment below or send me a message (terrishaven @ and I’ll share it in a post. It is divine.  I only use a few spices and lemons to create a taste to die for.  Or live for I should say.

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