Roto Brain 3D Puzzle Sphere Gifts 2021

If you or someone you know loves the challenge of games, the Roto Brain 3D Puzzle Sphere provides hours of entertainment. This 3D puzzle sphere provides 3 different levels of challenges which provides thousand of combinations making it a fun memory booster that’s not just challenging, but it’s fun.

I’ve added this puzzle to my gift guide because it’s challenging and kids and adults love challenges. It’s all the kid’s favorite thing to play with on rainy and cold days when they don’t want to go outdoors. It’s one of the best gadgets I’ve found to help challenge your kids, yourself, or a lucky gift recipient. It’s colorful with color-spinning and fidgets challenges.  Each memory-boosting IQ level can be reset and provides a single solo fun as well as competitive fun.  It’s as easy as setting the combination and challenging someone.

Abby is now 13, time sure flies, and she loves brain teasers and fidget spinners so I got this puzzle specifically with her in mind, to help curb some of her boredom.  At 13 she is not easily entertained.  She actually spent just about the entire weekend playing with it while it was raining.  She had so much fun with the never-ending 12 color levels that she barely noticed when I would make her hot cocoa or snacks.  I consider it a success and money well spent.

Roto Brain 3D Puzzle Sphere Gifts 2021

While you plan your holiday shopping, keep the Roto Brain 3D Puzzle Sphere in mind for those on your gift-giving list. It’s a  unique idea, affordable, and it is useful as well. 

Buy can buy the Roto Brain 3D Puzzle Sphere on Amazon.

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