Ojala Threads Baby's First Meaningful Gifts 2021

My baby days are long behind me but every time I find cute baby clothes I feel the need to share them with you. Usually, I know several people who are expecting at the same time but as of the time of posting this, I only know of one who will deliver soon.

I have been hunting unique products for the baby who is due this month and while I’ve been shopping I decided to find gifts that would work for a baby’s first Christmas too.

I love meaningful products so I always try to find gifts with a story behind them. That’s how I found Ojala Threads.

While looking for baby gifts, the first thing at Ojala Threads that caught my eye was the Folklorico Bodysuit. And not just the bodysuit, but the meaning behind it as well. The Ojala Threads’ Folklorico Bodysuit honors love of music and rhythms rooted in African drums and maraca accents.

As you can tell from my photos, the bodysuit is sporting red, white, and blue colors. I am team U.S.A. all the way but even more so, if that’s possible, are the parents of the baby to be.

While I love red, white, and blue clothes for babies and kids, I have a love-hate relationship with washing anything that has even a spot of red on it. It always bleeds onto the white, so before I made my final decision on the bodysuit, I read the reviews. I was happy to learn that the colors don’t bleed. I didn’t want to cause added laundry work for mom to be.

That and the fact that the bodysuit is made for curvier babies sold me.  My friends’ last bundle of joy was short and curvy so chances are this baby will be too.

I decided to find one more thing from this online shop to buy with the bodysuit and I thought back to the things I needed the most and I always came back to bibs.  Even though I nursed my babies, they would often spit up and I never had enough bibs on hand.

I decided on the Diosa Luna and Palma Bib because it’s cute but also because of the meaning behind it which is victory, peace, and eternal life.

Ojala Threads Baby's First Meaningful Gifts 2021

Ojala Threads Baby's First Meaningful Gifts 2021

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