Edx Education Toys For The Holidays Gifts 2021

No Christmas Gift Guide 2021 should be complete without school-aged toys that teach as kids play. While looking for gifts for some of the younger kids on my gift-giving list, I found Edx Education Toys.  These toys are colorful, they come in different shapes and kids learn cognitive skills as they play.

Let’s back up to who Edx Education is and what its goals are.  They were established in Taiwan in the mid-1990’s with the goal of helping Asian children with educational material. To date, they’ve been in production for 20 years and have a reach across more than 90 countries.  Edx Education offers high-performance toys with low production runs.  Their mission is simple, they want to provide learning through play.

Keeping the younger kids in mind on my gift list, I decided to try 2 of their products for 2 different age groups; The Number Rods and the Rainbow Pebbles®

EdxEducation Toys For The Holidays Gifts 2021

I didn’t realize at the time just how to play the kids could get out of these sets. I was just looking for unique and affordable gift ideas. The kids are going to have a lot of fun this winter and I feel good knowing they’ll be improving their skills as they play.

The Rainbow Pebbles® are translucent and help small kids learn to count, sort, and differentiate between colors and shapes.  They’re big enough for them to hold on to and are ideal for a lightbox.

The Rainbow Pebbles range from 1.6″L to 3″L, the included storage jar measures 3.74″ x 3.74″ x 5.71″, and the set is recommended for children ages 18 months and up.

The Number Rods Set helps kids with math and creativity.  The sticks come in different colors, 10 different lengths, and introduce children to counting, addition, subtraction, measurement, and comparing numeric values.

EdxEducation Toys For The Holidays Gifts 2021

You can buy the sets on Amazon as well as other places; click here to find out where to buy them in your area.

edxeducation.com is designed for play at home and in the classroom, making the toys the perfect gift for kids as well as teachers on your gift-giving list.

Who do you know on your gift-giving list, that would love these STEM products?  Child, children, or a teacher?

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