Johnny Was Unique Boho Chic Vintage Gifts 2021

In case you didn’t know it from the name of my site, I love all things boho chic. From jewelry to clothes to home decor. Boho chic will never go out of style in my opinion.

Finding a site that sells boho-chic vintage-themed products is like Christmas every day. So of course, I have to add my latest, new to me, site, to my Christmas Gift Guide 2021.

The name of the site is Johnny Was. With such a unique name, it will be easy to remember as you do your online shopping.

While looking for gift ideas to showcase in my post, I decided to pick a little bit of this and a little of that, just to give you an idea of how many people you could shop for, all in one place. I also wanted to give you an idea of what the products look like in person.

I bought a few different items for camping such as a crossbody bag, a tote, and a duffle bag (more on that later), I also bought a candle to help me relax if my pain level starts getting out of control. Because different friends go with me each time, I wanted unique luggage so we don’t get ours mixed up. I also decided to try some of their shampoo & conditioner,  a sustainable outfit as well as a beach blanket.

Johnny Was Unique Boho Chic Vintage Gifts 2021

Johnny Was Unique Boho Chic Vintage Gifts 2021

I decided to pick off my gift guide a little earlier this year because I’ve bought so many items that I wanted you to consider as you do your holiday shopping. Helping to make your shopping easier is why I continue to do a gift guide every year.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter on my right sidebar so you’ll get all posts delivered to your inbox. I’m very excited about my choices for this year’s gift guide and I hope it puts you in the same exciting mood as myself.

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