4 Ideas To Capture Wedding Day Memories

4 Ideas To Capture Wedding Day Memories

Weddings, whether big or small, traditional or unique, extravagant or frugal, it is a day that you will want to be able to remember. So no matter how you choose to celebrate, it is so important to make sure that you are able to remember the wedding day in a number of different ways. With wedding planning being something that can take months and months to plan, no doubt you will be taking steps to make the wedding run as smoothly as possible. And you will want to make your day just as you want it, and then be in a position to remember it all in some really unique and fun ways; who doesn’t want to have the ‘wow’ factor that comes to your wedding and remembering something special. So with all of that in mind, here are some ideas that are pretty unique, that will help you to capture the day and have some really personalized memories of the day. 

4 Ideas To Capture Wedding Day Memories


Hand Cast

For something really unique, how about creating a piece of artwork that is completely just for you, with a 3D hand cast of the happy couple’s hands? It can be the hands holding each other, and showing their new wedding bands. It can be something that can be done after the day, if needed, and can be a real talking point at home. 

Video Diary

With the rise of vloggers rising and rising, have you thought about vlogging, or creating a video diary, of your wedding day? Some of the things could be done yourself, such as when you’re getting ready in the morning. But mixing up some self-filmed footage, alongside some footage from a wedding videographer, can be a really great memory to have that you can get to look back on over and over. Video content really helps to capture the spirit and excitement of the day and helps to bring back some of the memories and feelings of the day, especially if your wedding music is included in the editing.

Wedding Dress Charm

As much as you might want to wear your wedding dress every day, it isn’t something that will be able to happen. But you can do something to have your wedding dress with you all of the time. Do you have a charm bracelet, or something like a Pandora bracelet? You could make an impression of the material of your dress, or something like the veil, so that you then have that with you that you can wear every day. 

Wedding Guest Fingerprints

When you’re planning a wedding you will also have to think about who to share the day with. And having some kind of guest book is always a good idea, so you can remember who was there, and the memories that brings. It could be a traditional book with people writing things in, or something a little more unique with fingerprint stamps of the guests, then you could use it to make a unique piece of art for the home.

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