Choosing The Right Shelves For Your Playroom

Choosing The Right Shelves For Your Playroom

For most kids, the favorite part of the house is their playroom. The playroom is the part of the home where they enjoy the most freedom, playing with their favorite toys and being able to fully express themselves. The importance of the playroom to kids makes it essential for parents to furnish it properly. One of the main installations that should be part of a playroom is shelves. Shelves are used to hold toys in the playroom, and it is important to pick the right one in order to ensure the safety of your child. This article highlights all that you need to know about choosing the right shelves for your playroom.

Tips for Choosing The Right Shelves For Your Playroom

There are certain factors to consider before choosing a shelf. This will enable you to make the best choice based on functionality and safety. We have discussed some of these factors below.

Who is Using The Shelves? 

It is important that the shelf which you install in the playroom is age-appropriate. As such, you must consider the age and number of children that are using the playroom. For toddlers that are still crawling, you might want to make use of little crates. For older children, a higher shelf works as they are tall enough to reach it. Using a higher shelf also keeps the small pieces that can prove harmful out of the reach of your toddlers. 

What is Being Stored?

Another important factor to consider is the type of toys that you intend to store on the shelf. Some toys might prove to be too large for certain shelves, so it is best to check that before choosing a shelf to install. For small toys and pieces, an open shelf might be the best choice. This gives your child easy access while ensuring that they do not forget about such toys. For bulkier toys, you might want to store them properly in order to avoid weighing down the shelf. Items like play dresses can be hung on hooks, while play kitchen food can be stored in open trays and boxes. It is best to use adjustable shelves to fit toys of different sizes. Ideally, lower shelves should be deeper and wider than the upper shelves. This will allow you to keep the small pieces away from your younger kids. 

Where to Put Them

It is important to consider the size of the playroom when choosing shelves. The amount of space in the playroom should determine the size of the shelves that is ideal. For a large playroom with a lot of free space, one big shelf can be used to store all the toys. If you are dealing with a smaller room, setting up two or three small shelves is your best option. When setting up a playroom, it is best to anchor the shelves to the wall. This will ensure that your children do not pull the shelves down and hurt themselves while playing. 


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