Bright Endeavors Candles, Mothers Day

Bright Endeavors Candles, Mothers Day

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is only a month away. Wasn’t it just Christmas? Wow, time flies, especially since Mother’s Day falls on my Birthday this year. It seems like I just celebrated my last Birthday. I’ve started my hunt for Mother’s Day gift ideas for you guys and gals and one product that comes to mind for any holiday or special occasion are Bright Endeavors Candles. Nothing gets rid of stress quicker than the clean scents of these candles. Trust me on that. You might remember that I added Bright Endeavors Candles to my Christmas gift guide. I love them that much (and they’re so affordable). There’s nothing more relaxing to me than the scents of Christmas. Tis the season anytime of the year.

Bright Endeavors Candles, Mothers Day

Another favorite scent of mine is the clean scent of Bright Endeavors Vanilla Honey candles. I live with chronic pain so I use scent therapy daily to help me relax which helps keep my pain below ER extreme pain level. Vanilla has always relaxed me for some reason so I buy a lot of vanilla scented candles. The Bright Endeavors Vanilla Honey candles give me a spa like feeling. And best of all, these candles are soy candles so I don’t have to worry about all of the candles I burn staining my walls. Before I discovered soy candles, I was spending hours on wall cleaning. Not a good idea when you live with chronic pain.

Bright Endeavors Candles, Mothers Day

My latest find was the Retreat Tin Soy Candle. Orchids are another scent that helps me with my scent stress therapy so the scent of the Black Current Orchid was so relaxing. So much so that I didn’t blow it out even when I went to bed. I don’t recommend this but I put a metal plate under it with peg legs and was able to wake up to the calming scent. I couldn’t help myself. I surrounded myself in this scent for as long as the candle lasted and I can’t wait to try my next candle.

Bright Endeavors Candles, Mothers Day

No matter what scent your lady love loves (or single parent dads), you’ll find something for everyone at Bright Endeavors. Check out all of the scents and sizes while you’re there. I’d love to hear which one would be your favorite scent (because the most popular one might just be my next purchase), in a comment below.

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22 thoughts on “Bright Endeavors Candles, Mothers Day

  1. I love scented candles because I love it when the house smells good. Those scents sound amazing. I would love to have those for myself.

  2. I love candles! I have never heard of Bright Endeavors candles before now. They would make a perfect gift for my Mom on Mother’s Day.

  3. I love candles that smell good but I haven’t burned one in a very long time. My favorite candles are the flameless kind. I haven’t tried soy candles yet. I bet the vanilla honey smells awesome.

  4. I prefer the soy candles over any other candle so these candles sound amazing to me . These Bright Endeavors Candles I am going to have to check out for sure. The Bright Endeavors Vanilla Honey candle sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing these awesome candles.

  5. Whoa! This is perfect! I really love this kind of candle. Perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

  6. I practically burn candles every day since they help create a relaxing atmosphere. Vanilla scents are my favorite, so I wouldn’t mind trying out that Vanilla Honey scent some time.

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