Coastal Softsoap Clean

Having just returned from a coastal vacation, I wanted to hold on to that seaside feeling that I experienced while there.  There’s nothing like the fresh air and coastal scents in my opinion.  So, I began looking for products that made me feel like I was still on vacation, waking up to the breeze of being on the bay, and the smell of sunshine in abundance.   That’s where Softsoap’s new limited edition body washes came in to play.

First a little bit about these limited edition body washes:

Softsoap Limited Edition Coastal Sunrise™ Moisturizing Body Wash

“Awaken your senses with the new limited edition Coastal Sunrise™ moisturizing body wash. Watch the summer season bloom before your eyes, as the invigorated scent of Citrus Blossom surrounds you and the moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. “

Softsoap Limited Edition Seaside Rush™ Moisturizing Body Wash

“This summer, set sail with the new limited edition Seaside Rush™ moisturizing body wash. Celebrate the warmer weather with the refreshing scents of Lily & Bergamot, which will captivate your senses and leave skin feeling soft and radiant.”

I’ve been using both of these products for about a month now after receiving a sample package from the manufacturer for review purposes.  What I have found is the scent is not overwhelming, instead they’re just right.  I love the way my skin reacts to both of the moisture-rich formulas.  After returning from the beach, my skin was feeling dry and had a noticeable flakey appearance.  These body washes have given my skin back the smooth silky feeling that I was seeking and I smell like my summer ocean vacation.

Be watching for both of these thick, lather rich, Limited Edition Softsoap Body Washes the next time you head out shopping.  Available where ever you normally shop for Softsoap.

Coastal Softsoap Clean


  1. I have never tried this brand yet but I am curious. I would love to try the Seaside Rush scent. I hope it would not disappoint. I guess I would also try the other one and compare their scents.

  2. Sounds like my kind of soap! I love that it doesn’t just smell good but helps you take good care of your skin as well. This is something that I’d get especially since it’s perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and feeling soft!

  3. I am actually using the Lily and Bergamot Soft-soap body wash right now, it smells so GOOD!! YAS!!

  4. I have never tried Softsoap brand before. Going to the beach is something that we didn’t get to do this year, I’d like to try using this to remind me of the beach.

  5. This soap really leaves you feeling nice and clean. That is what it is all about after all!

  6. I love how bubbly it gets once it is lathered. I love Softsoap products – especially for their pricepoints!

  7. I am big fan of softsoap but had no idea they made body washes. And the idea of prolonging summer with the coastal scent sounds like a plan!

  8. I want to try these scents out, I am all for making it feel like summer is sticking around as long as possible. I will have to try this soap out, thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Softsoap has the best scents that remind me of summer. I also think that they are great to travel with–cause who wants to share a grimy bar of soap with the rest of the family.

  10. I just love using products like this that smell so good that they just take you away. They both sound like great scents.

  11. I never knew that Softsoap made body wash. I purchase their hand soaps and always find the scents to be wonderful.

  12. I love the Softsoap brand. I have been using their handsoap and body wash for years. I haven’t seen these in our store yet, I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  13. I’ve always liked these soaps. They smell so good. I need to pick some up for the house. I think we ran out!

  14. Thanks for the heads up on these two new scents. I love that even though summer is ending, I can still get that seaside scent! Awesome!

  15. The coastal sunrise looks like such a great scent. I like softsoap products, so I will definitely look for these.

  16. Ooo! I want these in my house! I’ll be on the lookout for this. I cannot wait to smell these scents for myself!

  17. It is great that you found a soap that you really love to wake up to. I usually get the store brand but if this one smells so good I will look for it next time.

  18. Wish there was a smell button so I could enjoy the fresh smells of these body washes. Love the beach and sunrise. Been raining here for days and will all weekend. So enjoy the beach.

  19. I’ve also been at the coast all week and I actually hate to see summer come to an end. I need to grab both of these coastal softsoap scents. I love the smell of the ocean and this is a great way to hang on to that coastal smell.

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