Essential Qualities for a Healthcare Administrator

Essential Qualities for a Healthcare Administrator

While the primary purpose of hospitals and clinics is to provide quality care for patients, behind the scenes is a whole other story. For healthcare facilities to run efficiently, the day to day operations require healthcare administrators who combine their passion for the health and wellbeing of patients, alongside managerial know-how.

If you’re interested in becoming a healthcare administrator, there are numerous key traits that you must possess. To find out more, here are a few essential qualities that a healthcare administrator should have.

Education and Experience

To work as a healthcare administrator, you will need to have the correct credential and experience behind you. There are MHA programs in Boston that can help you develop management and other transferable skills that you can utilize effectively in the workplace. Completing the necessary education for the role can open more doors and provide excellent networking opportunities within the healthcare field.


To succeed in a healthcare administration role, you will need to have passion and drive for what you do. As the backbone of the healthcare sector, administrators must go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the operation runs smoothly. You need to care about the environment you’re in and, most importantly, the wellbeing of your patients. If you show passion and commitment to your role, you stand a greater chance of seeking higher-paid positions. 


For patients to receive the best care possible, healthcare administrators must have the capabilities and skills to build trust with colleagues. If you would like to enter a management role or you’re in one already, your job is to inspire and empower employees to be more productive at their job. Strong management and leadership skills will help you keep track of the day to day running of the facility, ensuring that all projects and tasks are completed according to plan.

Problem Solving Abilities

There are many obstacles that you will face when working as a healthcare administrator. Whether it’s staffing problems, nursing shortages, or improving employee morale, healthcare administrators must know how to problem solve and work well under pressure. First and foremost, healthcare administrators need to ensure their facility is following the recent healthcare regulations, whether they’re mandated at federal, state, or local levels.

Excellent Communication

Healthcare administrators engage with a range of healthcare professionals from various sectors of the industry. No matter whom you come into contact with, it’s vital that you have excellent communication skills. You must also be diplomatic when dealing with mediating conflicts that can arise and be able to convey healthcare facility policies to new members of the team. Effective communication can build trust and respect from your peers, helping you to feel more confident and secure in your role. 

The healthcare industry requires a wide team of leaders, support staff, and experts to ensure that it’s run correctly. If you are interested in a career in healthcare administration, the 5 traits listed above can help you flourish in the role and climb the career ladder into managerial positions. 

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