DIY cleaning recipes for unpleasant odors

DIY Cleaning recipes for unpleasant odors

Instead of buying expensive fresheners which are full of toxic and dangerous for your health chemicals, you can make your own odor removers. Store-bought odor removing products can irritate the lungs, burn your skin and eyes as well as create health problems for individuals with heart disease. By supplying yourself with some essential oils and other cheap and safe ingredients you can make your home smell good again. Here are some ideas about how.

The key to removing unpleasant smells is by eliminating the source which created them. Keeping a clean and hygienic environment is very important for this purpose. Cleaning and maintaining your home in good condition will save you from having allergens, dust, mold, and all kinds of pollutants. Instead of masking the smell of mold, for example, it is recommended to remove the mold completely. Otherwise, you will only get a temporary effect.

Plastic storage containers easily trap all kinds of odors. To remove the unpleasant smell from them, soak them in a solution of hot water and baking soda. The ratio of the solution is 1 tablespoon baking soda for each cup of hot water.

For eliminating the lingering smell of food and popcorn from your microwave fill a resistant to heat glass with water and add 2 tablespoons lemon juice. You can substitute the lemon juice with lemon slices. Turn on the microwave at high temperature for 2 minutes. This should eliminate all food odors in a natural and effective way.

To remove unpleasant and musty smells from cupboards, drawers, and trunks you need white bread and white vinegar. To refresh the inside of a cupboard, trunk, drawer, or another enclosed area, put a slice of white bread in a bowl and soak it with white vinegar. Place the bowl in the area which needs freshening, close the drawer, cupboard, or trunk and let it sit there for 24 hours. If you place it in a drawer make sure you use a deep enough pot so, that the vinegar doesn’t spill when being opened and closed.

Another way to remove musty and bad odors from enclosed areas like closets, drawers, and other areas is by putting cedar or pine wood shavings in them. These wood shavings absorb moisture and remove the smells. They should be replaced with new ones regularly. Potpourri, drawstring linen bags, and powdered sachets can also be used for this purpose too.

DIY Cleaning recipe for unpleasant odors
You can absorb the smells from your refrigerator using baking soda. Place an opened box of baking soda somewhere in your fridge and it will absorb all food odors. Don’t use this baking soda when cooking as it has absorbed the smells from the fridge and will spoil your meal. Replace the box every 3 months. When the time is up, don’t throw away the baking soda because you can use it to refresh your sinks. Pour it down your drains and then pour hot water after it. Coffee grounds are also appropriate for absorbing food odors from fridges.

Using these DIY cleaning recipes for removing unpleasant odors will help save costs and achieve the desired results. They are affordable and easy to do. QualityCleaning W2 is advising you to apply them in your household and you will have a fresh and pleasant home. It is also important to provide regular cleaning and tidying of your rooms to get rid of the dust, stains, allergens, and grime. Use the recipes presented here for creative odor removal and the results will be much better than applying store-bought products. With some cheap and easy-to-find ingredients like baking soda, lemons, vinegar, and others you can make effective fresheners for your kitchen, furniture, and other rooms.


  1. These are great tips! I’m definitely going to have to try some of these!

  2. i love these! I’ll definitely be doing a lot of them, as I already have the items I need i my house! Thank you!

  3. Thank you. I am transitioning to DIY cleaners. We use a lot of baking soda! DIY is not only healthier, but also cheaper!

  4. Great tips! Nice to know what things can help deodorize the home and some things we already have inside the house to help! I use baking soda all the time for my fridge. My mom did that since I was little.

  5. Great tips, I always use baking soda in the fridge.

  6. Lemon juice always works for me when cleaning my microwave. I will hoave to try the cedar wood shaving in closets.

  7. Baking soda is a really good tip for weird fridge smells. We do it all the time. Great list!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes. I prefer DIY to anything else if it is cost effective which these all seem to be.

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  11. what a great tips. I love doing the DIY with my sister its our bonding time and at the same time we save money because it is cheaper than the already made things

  12. My house is pretty fresh – well maybe my teen son’s room is getting sort of smelly. The only area I have that bugs me is my sink. I only use one side – so the other side starts to smell if I don’t run water in it every couple of days. weird!

  13. I love doing things DIY when possible. Besides which, i usually have what i need – and it’s cheaper 🙂

  14. Thanks for the tips! Love the one for the cabinets and cupboards! Vinegar has always been an odor eliminator and so is baking soda!

  15. thanks for the suggestions. i use some of them already but it’s a great reminder for others.

  16. I use many of these already. I am also a fan of diffusing essential oils. I do not like chemical sprays at all.

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