Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces

.I love the look of geometric pieces when it comes to anything I wear, from AU-Rate statement jewelry right down to my feet.  As a young adult, I was always bashful about making a statement with my clothes but as I’ve matured, I’ve thrown out all of my boring clothes and I now like to wear statement clothes. After all, it’s much better to be unique as an individual than to just be another face in the crowd.  I’m also trying to stay away from so many black pieces because they make me feel drab and invisible.  When it comes to fall fashion, the world is evolving and the vivid colors I come to love are becoming more and more popular.  When selecting your fall wardrobe, keep geometric fashion pieces and beautiful colors in mind.

To give you have an idea of what is popular this year, I’ve selected 6 beautiful but affordable geometric pieces that I feel make each of the specific items interesting for any fall wardrobe.  Please check them out below and visit the links to learn more.

I’m going to start at the top and work my way down.

The first item is a pair of earrings that have such an interesting shape to them. I think they would go perfectly with any fall outfit from browns to bright yellow.  They have a little bit of brown in them but the catchy part is the shape.  You can buy these Geometric Statement Earrings on Etsy for the low price of $14.99.

Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces

Image copyright Etsy seller CarolCaoNewYork.

Next up is this interesting FAUX SUEDE AND LACE JACKET I found at Venus Swimwear. There is something I just really love about it and at the time of posting this, it’s on sale for $44.99 which is a steal. It comes in sizes XS to 3X so it’s perfect for anyone’s body shape. I’m obsessed with the vintage look of lace on suede and the geometric shape of it.

Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces
Images copyright Venus Swimwear.

Next up is this geometric statement jewelry ring that would look good with any outfit year-round. I love rings and it’s usually what I ask for when family asks me what I want for Christmas, birthdays, etc.  I love being able to wear a few of them or even just one which is all you need with the Sensu Ring. You can buy this ring at Aurate New York for the low price of $120. Color yellow gold and comes in sizes 6 (made to order) through 10.

Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces

Image copyright auratenewyork.

Next up are these adorable boots from Ross Kiss.  I love all of the interesting details on them and the fact that they come in multiple colors.  They come in sizes 5 1/5 to 10 1/5 and would look great with any of the pieces mentioned in this post.  They are very affordable at $39.99 (sale price at posting, regular price $89.99).  If you act now, you can get these at a steal.

Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces

Image copyright Ross Kiss.

Of course, no outfit would be complete without a handbag or party clutch to finish it off.  The below Messenger Bag can be purchased on Amazon and would go with all of the other pieces in this article. It will run you $28.99 and you’ll get free shipping.

Fall Fashion Geometric Pieces
Image copyright seller Dirmmis on Amazon.

Happy shopping and if you decide to make a purchase from my suggestions, I’d love to know which piece or pieces you bought.  Do you have any favorite geometric fashion pieces you’d like to share with us that I could add to my post?

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  1. I these are all very cute suggestions! I love the messenger bag for myself and would make a great gift!

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