Flash Giveaway, $50 PayPal Cash OR $50 Amazon GC – Shabby Chic Boho

Flash Giveaway, $50 PayPal Cash OR $50 Amazon GC

Flash Giveaway, $50 PayPal Cash OR $50 Amazon GC

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You are probably wondering why I’ve been jumping on board to offer these multiple blog sponsored weekend cash giveaways lately and it’s because I want to thank you for your visits which mean so much to me. If I ever win the lottery (lol), you will all be winners. In the meantime, ha, there can only be one winner because I have champagne taste on a beer budget. There is something in it for me but it’s just a small {teensie weensie} request and that is to subscribe to my once daily {free} email newsletter. This is a new site and it’s going to go in a different direction than my last one in that I’m going to be sharing all things shabby chic and boho chic (mixed in with a little eclectic, retro, gypsy, hippie, native american, vintage, and Victorian posts). There will be some cool DIY tutorials, one of which I’m working on now, home decor tips and tricks, makeup picks (this year I’m all over One Direction makeup, just wait till you see my tour case and I’m hoping to host a giveaway for one as well), all things beauty & fashion, recipes and just about anything else I can think of. I will continue to do some reviews as well and those of you that have known me for the past 13 years that I’ve been blogging , you know that I only post reviews that I think you will like {and of course that I like}.

Back to the giveaway. I tend to ramble.

Notice FLASH in the title? Well, for those who don’t know, that means that this giveaway is going to be over in a flash, so, you won’t want to put it off till the last minute. I do have another $50 PayPal cash giveaway going on that ends soon so be sure to enter it as well. Sorry, no choice for Amazon GC with this one, it’s strictly cash so we can pay quickly in time for the holidays.

This flash cash giveaway ends at 11:59 pm on Dec. 14, 2014! Copy the link in your browser and head on over to FB to share it with your friends and family in a post, or, you can use my convenient social sharing buttons below and share it everywhere. Thanks a bunch.


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  1. No, I am not done with my shopping this year and might not get it finished. The hot item on the list wasn’t exactly hot but it was wanted, a paint by number canvas.

  2. I’m not finished Christmas shopping yet, but I will be tomorrow. The big items were three comforter sets, super heros, my little pony, and monster high.

  3. Why yes, I am done with all my holiday shopping. I finished it in 1994 when I stopped celebrating such man-made “holy-days”. I now give gifts to people when I want to (not when I’m expected to, nor when they are expecting such). It’s so much more appreciated – on both sides – and a much more of a loving thing to do.

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