Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #liveinfinitely

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #liveinfinitely

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I’ve tried fruit infusion water bottles in the past so using my new Forever Fused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle was pretty simple and the instructions were easy to follow. I first cleaned my water bottle after taking it apart, in warm soapy water. Living in a studio apartment does not give me room for a dishwasher so I wash everything by hand and sometimes I forget to see if a product is dishwasher safe because of this. I did check on this product though as I know the majority of homes do have a dishwasher. You’ll be happy to know that this product is top rack dishwasher safe.

After giving my fruit infusion water bottle a good washing, I loaded my fruit into the bottle. This is a simple task. I unscrewed the bottom ring, then the fruit infusion basket, and added my fruit. I’ve used this product many times with many different fruits but I had an issues with my photos (my cat nibbled on my memory card) so I had to redo them. For review purposes today, I added pineapple chunks to the container. I’ve used grapefruit chunks, orange chunks, pineapple chunks as I used for my photos, strawberries, cherries, and I even cut cherry tomatoes in half and used them. Once I opened a pomegranate and removed the seeds and added the seeds to my water bottle. You can add whatever flavor you are hoping to accomplish. Get creative and I’ll just bet you’ll see water in a whole new light.

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #liveinfinitely

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #liveinfinitely

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #liveinfinitely

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #liveinfinitely

I took a screenshot of some important things to note from the makers of Forever Fused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle. Please take a moment to read it then head on over and purchase your own fruit infuser. Live healthier and get your water intake in a new and improved way. To be honest with you and myself, I have to admit that without this water bottle, I wouldn’t be drinking as much water as I now am. I’ve never been a fan of water unless it’s flavored. I like that I can add fresh fruit instead of artificial flavors and I think you will too.

fruit infusion water bottle

Don’t forget to check out the free reipes included with your purchase.

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19 thoughts on “Fruit Infusion Water Bottle #liveinfinitely

  1. I’ve seen a few of these bottles around lately and they look so fun. I a huge fan of cucumber water and lemon water. And pretty much any kind of fruit would be tasty infused it water. Will have to try it!

  2. I’ve always wanted an infusion water bottle. It’s definitely a better way to drink water. Gotta pick one up soon.

  3. I saw one of these fruit infusion bottles on Shark Tank. They look wonderful and I bet our tasty. We don’t let our kids drink soda so this would be a treat for them as well. We need to give this a try.


  4. I have always wanted to get one of the fruit infusion water bottle. It would be nice to be able to drink my water with a twist so I will have to check this out for sure.

  5. I’ve always like flavored water much better than plain. I need one of these bottles. And I can’t help but smile after reading about your cat nibbling on your memory card. 🙂

  6. I have never tried one of those before. I do drink propel flavored water KIWI strawberry. I didn’t know that flavor helped regular blood sugar. No wonder i am feeling better drinking it. As I have type 2 diabetis.

  7. I have one of these and I don’t use it. When I did I was really good about getting my water in daily. I think I will use these recipes to get started again.

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