Getting My Gut Ready for #BlogHer17 Conference with #Restore4Life #momsmeet #ad – Shabby Chic Boho

Getting My Gut Ready for #BlogHer17 Conference with #Restore4Life #momsmeet #ad

Getting My Gut Ready for #BlogHer17 Conference with #Restore4Life #momsmeet #ad

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“I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.”

I’m trying to provide content that’s valuable to my readers and followers because I’m passionate about being a lifestyle blogger. I’m learning as I go and I think blog conferences are a great way to help me achieve what it is I want for my blog. I think it’s equally important to know which ones would benefit me(you as my readers) most and I’m excited to announce that so far I’ve selected three of the best blog conferences to attend this year, starting with BlogHer 17. Even though it’s several weeks away, I’m getting everything ready behind the scenes from fresh new business cards to Restore; Gut Check Before You Gate Check, Restore Complete Well-being and Restore Sinus Spray. With travel comes chances of catching whatever those around me has so it’s really important that I’m prepared to ward off illness with Restore.

Getting My Gut Ready for #BlogHer17 Conference with @Restore #momsmeet #ad

I’ve already started taking Restore Complete for balanced gut health, respiratory wellness, to combat environmental exposures and immune functions and to enhance mental clarity. I want to be at the height of being healthy as I strive to be a better blogger.

Today I also started using Restore Sinus Spray. I recently had my nose pierced (I know I’m a little too old for such frivolities but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do so I went for it. Just. Like. That.) and I wanted to wait for the area to completely heal before using anything in my nose. I wish I could have started this a couple of weeks ago because I’ve had sinus problems since the weather changed. After one use I can tell the difference in that my nasal passages feel more hydrated where they were feeling dry. The reason I chose this product is that its non-habit forming. I love fiddling in my flowers outdoors and with that comes stuffy noses and sneezes galore.

On hold is the Restore Gut Check Before You Gate Check simply because I don’t think I need to take it until I fly out to Chicago in July. Because it’s a smaller bottle, it’s more convenient to take on the go.

I’m providing a link to each of these products so you can check out each product to find the one or ones that are right for you.

  • A one-month supply of Restore
  • Restore sinus spray
  • Restore TSA-approved 3-ounce bottle

    I’m going to make it easier for you to try these products with a 20% off (everything) promo code which you can use at CODE: B7X66JY. Code expires July 16, 2017

    A message from my sponsor:

    Getting My Gut Ready for #BlogHer17 Conference with @Restore #momsmeet #ad

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    1. I’ve never heard of anything that supports the gut health…. btw I don’t think anyone is too old for a nose piercing lol. I wanted one when I was younger, then grew out of it but I don’t think anyone is too old for it. LOL

    2. WOW! This sounds like a really fantastic product. I love that it helps your gut. I have had many stomach issues so this is something I will have to look into.

    3. I wish I was going to BlogHer this year. I have not been to a blogging conference in awhile and I really need to go. You get so much inspiration and ideas from them,

    4. Enjoy the conference! I hear you on being nervous! I have never attended a blogger conference but I go to my first one next year and I am so ready for it! The restore looks great! I will check out the links. Oh, and on the piercing … you are the perfect age to do whatever the heck you darn well please! :)

    5. Gut health is so important! Especially when traveling! I took my gut health for granted until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Now I truly understand its importance. These products sounds like the perfect conference partners! I’ll keep them in mind for my next travel adventure!

    6. The entire Restore line sounds wonderful. I am always worried about getting sick while traveling, so ensuring my immunity is as strong as possible while on the go is extremely important.

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