HOTLOGIC Mother's Day GG 2022

As someone who loves camping and glamping, I watch a lot of camping and van life videos on YouTube. HOTLOGIC is becoming the next best thing to having a stove for every camper, glamper, van life, or even RV camper that I follow on YouTube. They’re one of the most popular choices for on the go, to take to work, or even as I’ve mentioned, for campsites where electricity or solar energy is provided.

I am preparing for some solo camping in the near future and I don’t necessarily want to cook over an open fire all the time. I camp where there are wireless, electricity, water, and amenities. My days of back-country camping are behind me. These days I prefer to be close to nature but I also focus on comfort. That’s due in part to my (failed) back surgery.

So, I decided to treat myself to my own HOTLOGIC portable food warmer, so I can plug and go. While my food is heating up, I can go on a hike or even take a nap.  I can relax in my hammock or I can take a shower. My days of quickly trying to throw something together for a meal while swatting gnats and mosquitoes are behind me.

Talk about impressive. No more burned or overcooked food.

HOTLOGIC Mother's Day GG 2022

After trying my new HOTLOGIC® Mini Oven , I knew they’d make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for anyone you (or I) celebrate Mother’s Day with.

The best thing about them is they are not just for camping.  They’re not just for gifting. Treat yourself to one as well. Treat yourself to several different types.

If you’re in college and live in a dorm, a HOTLOGIC Mini Oven is all you’ll need to heat up leftovers, cook frozen meals, and even prepare meals.

You can add glass, metal, frozen meal cartons, and basically anything that you’d put in an oven.  Plus, they’re lightweight.

HOTLOGIC Mother's Day GG 2022

You can also use them at home. Plug up your HOTLOGIC mini or casserole size and do laundry or read a book while your food is heating up. My Hot Logic has simplified my meals when I’m home alone and especially when my grandchildren come to visit and I need food heated quickly.

I made a Mississippi roast last week and froze a lot of it.  It was so nice today to enjoy a relaxing Saturday while heating up my frozen leftovers.

You can also heat your food up in the car as you travel with the HOTLOGIC® Mini Oven – 12V Vehicle Version.  You’ll be able to save money by not eating out in expensive restaurants, or grabbing fast food as you travel.  You can eat healthy on the go.

HOTLOGIC Mother's Day GG 2022

They make the perfect companion for your workplace as well. One thing I always hated at the doctor’s office was the dirty microwave. I preferred to eat out than to use it. Every time I cleaned it, it would be messed up again the next day. Heating up food in a dirty microwave where my colleagues just exploded their lunch was not an option for me. A hot logic solves that problem and all you have to do is plug it up while you work. When it’s time for lunch, you’ll have a nice hot meal.

Click on any of my HOTLOGIC links to see why I’m featuring HOTLOGIC in my Mother’s Day gift guide 2022. I think you’ll be impressed with the company, products, and even the recipes. It’s the hottest thing selling for campers to bachelors to housewives and everyone on your gift guide list will thank you for your HOTLOGIC gift.

Which Hot Logic would you like to buy for yourself or anyone on your gift-giving list?


  1. This is a must-have for traveling, camping, and even at home.

  2. Yep, I need to camp with amenities and comfort too. This sounds like a must have for all kinds of campers.

  3. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I can’t stand. Dirty microwave either. Hot Logics looks like a good option for many occasions.

  4. Penny Branson LeBaron

    This is a definite must have! Will make a stellar gift

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