Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum GG Mother’s Day 2022

Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum GG Mother's Day 2022

As Mother’s Day closes in on us, don’t forget mom’s favorite Jelly Belly gum when creating a gift basket of all of her favorite things.
Jelly Belly sugar-free gum has long been a favorite of mine for gifting(and for buying for my own family) for many reasons. ​To begin with, think of the first time you tasted your favorite Jelly Belly flavors in jelly bean form, whether it was in your Easter Basket or even in your Christmas Stocking.

While you are remembering all of your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors you grew up with, imagine having those flavors bursting in your mouth in gum form. ​We tend to think of our moms as elderly in some cases, not into some of the things we might be, but I guarantee, if you put Jelly Belly sugar-free gum in your moms’ gift basket, it will bring back some of the memories she may have of Jelly Belly flavors and put a smile on her face as well.

Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum GG Mother's Day 2022

The one thing I think has always been consistent with my mom is her love of chewing gum.  She has always loved chewing gum and I don’t think she’s ever had a cavity. I believe that chewing gum as regularly as she has over my lifetime, in between meals, has contributed to her great dental health.

I’m assuming that unless you live in a cave, everyone these days is aware that when you can’t brush, it’s advised to chew sugar-free gum.  It gets all of the food from between your teeth before decay starts to happen or cavities start to build up. So go all in like I have for Mother’s Day.  I found every one of her mom’s favorite flavors in the 55 piece tub and the 12 piece pack form on my recent shopping trip, so, whether she’s on the go or chewing from home, she’s got enough to last for a while.

Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum GG Mother's Day 2022

​Not only is Jelly Belly sugar-free​ free gum sugar-free, but it’s also, gluten-free, and peanut-free as well

​Click on my link in my post to see where you can buy Jelly Belly sugar-free gum.  You can buy it at  Party City and Dollar General.

If you’d like to try before you buy, head on over to and enter her Jelly Belly sugar-free gum giveaway.

What’s your favorite flavor of the four flavors it comes in; Island Punch, Very Cherry, Watermelon, Berry Blue?  Mine is watermelon.

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  1. This would be a great gift for a diabetic.

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