5 Fresh Inspiring Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

5 Fresh Inspiring Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is often neglected when it comes to decorating your home. After all, for many people, it is simply a place to sleep. However, when you consider that you spend approximately 26 years sleeping and that the bedroom is sometimes your only personal space for relaxation. It becomes clear that you need to focus a little more on the décor. 

Of particular benefit is choosing the right lighting option. 

However, before you choose any lights it’s worth having an electrical inspection completed, including using thermal imaging services to ensure the electrics are capable of supporting your light solution.

1. Wall Lighting

5 Fresh Inspiring Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Credit: keresi72

Harsh and bright lights are not necessary for a bedroom. You do need good lighting to complete hair and makeup. But, other than this the bedroom should be designed to relax. Wall lights can be dimed and operated independently, allowing you to create just the right atmosphere, whatever your plans.

Instead of opting for traditional wall lights try using ones that come from the ceiling but face into the wall.

2. Go Vintage

5 Fresh Inspiring Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Credit: Gregory Butler

If your bedroom décor is minimalistic or antique then it will support a vintage lamp. You can pick these up virtually anywhere and there are a great many styles to choose from. 

Of course, it needs to have a brass look but the addition of glass lends a contemporary touch to an old classic.

3. Chandelier

5 Fresh Inspiring Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Credit: tom4328

The traditional chandelier is reserved for antique styled rooms. But, you can choose a modern variant of the theme for children’s bedrooms and those that have more things going on. It sits perfectly in a room that has plenty of colors.

Of course, the light fitting itself is one color, preferably gold or silver, helping to keep the clean appearance of a modern, functional, bedroom.

4. Colored Lights

5 Fresh Inspiring Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Credit: Bumiputra

If you want something a little more dramatic then consider adding fairy lights to the ceiling to represent stars. Then, carefully position pale-colored lights to shin up the walls.

You’ll need to keep the walls a pale color to amplify the effect and this can work very well with a dark feature wall.

If you keep the room minimalistic then you’ll find it becomes the perfect space to get away from everything.

5. Industrial

5 Fresh Inspiring Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Credit: keresi72

Changing the lighting can involve adding new circuits and you may not want to chisel your walls to achieve the standard hidden look.

Alternatively, you may simply like the industrial look. The idea is to have hanging pendants, as many as you need, coming from the ceiling. The wiring is all placed inside old piping, giving an industrial, efficient, look.

It’s great for loft conversions, use in old industrial buildings, or simply because you like the style and flexibility it offers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right lights for your bedroom is about more than just looking at some pretty pictures. You need to consider what you use the room for. If it’s just sleeping, relaxing, and adult time then subdued, colored, and romantic lighting options are fantastic.

However, if you also do your hair, makeup, and choose clothes in your bedroom, you need to have lights that are bright enough to ensure you can see what you’re doing!

In this situation, it’s best to install two lighting systems, the one that gives the perfect effect and the one that allows you to get ready and go out looking your best.

But, most importantly, remember that your bedroom is your space. Whatever lighting you choose should reflect your personality. That will ensure you’re comfortable and should improve the quality of your sleep.

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