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National Children’s Health Month is in October

National Children's Health Month is in October

With National Children’s Health Month coming up next month, I’ve been hunting for ways to help you keep your babies healthy because it’s a topic that’s really important to me.  I want what’s best for your kids as much as I do my own.  When it comes to nutrition, I want only the purest of ingredients. I have been known to grow my own organic foods to make my baby food when I couldn’t find the organic fruits and vegetables around here that I wanted them to have. Of course, Abby thought it was her own personal water park but we managed to grow plenty of organic goods for everyone.

National Children's Health Month is in October

My gardening days are over, I’ve grown weary of the heat and fighting off these pesky Georgia gnats, so, finding products that are organic is a must. And I’ve done that as you can tell by the way my post is leaning. I was sent a sample 4 pack of White Leaf | Organic Baby Food Blends, first-ever biodynamic baby food that is ideal for babies through seniors and I decided to see if Ace would eat it. He’s on the picky side and it’s not always easy to introduce new foods to him. I can only vouch for the two flavors I received, which were 2 tubs of apple sauce and in the 2 pouches, carrots, sweet potatos, and peas.

National Children's Health Month is in October

Ace didn’t waste any time devouring the packs.  He’s always been a good eater but he can be really picky when it comes to vegetables.  He really liked the pouches that he was able to hold himself and I think it made him feel a little independent which kids are always striving to be. The pouches were not messy and will be my choice from now on, although the tubs are great too, especially for younger kids.  He’s just at that stage where he wants to hold his spoon and wants to try to feed himself.   Anyhow, after he figured it out that it was food, he ate every bit of the veggies.

National Children's Health Month is in October

There is a similar 4 pack sample pack on their website which offers 4 different products for the low price of $9.95.  Moms know all about picky eaters so this pack is perfect to find out the flavors your little one likes (or if you’re caring for your elderly parents, these are very nutritious for them as well).  Shipping is free in the USA.

Head on over to White Leaf Provisions website to learn what biodynamics is.  I wasn’t aware what it is of myself until I started browsing around their site wanting to learn more.  I think  you’ll be as impressed as I am.

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