Personalized Diets: Stay Protected From Inherited Health Disorders

Personalized Diets: Stay Protected From Inherited Health Disorders

We all inherit genes from our parents and have a unique set of genetic makeup. From your eye color to height, you also receive complex traits. These complex traits you inherit increase the risk of diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. And, it is widespread knowledge that making changes in your lifestyle can lower down the risk of diseases. 

There is a direct connection between the environment and genes. And, the food you consume is the most fundamental element of the environment. This connection between the environment and the genes has given birth to nutrigenetics. 

What is Nutrigenetics?

Nutrigenetics is the field that deals with identifying your reaction to the nutrients you consume in your diet. Have you ever noticed that few people reduce weight very quickly when they are on low carbs? While others reduce more weight when they increase the number of carbohydrates in their diet. This clearly shows that nutrition plays an important role in gene expression. 

In addition to it, research has shown that stress also leaves an impact on DNA methylation. This means that stress can also cause changes in your brain and have an influence on future generations. On the other hand, if you take care of the nutrition, you can easily get rid of these health problems that may trouble your future generations. 

How can a dietician help you?

A well-planned diet that includes a mixed variety of food has the capability to reduce or diminish genetic variations. The health practitioners and a dietitian understand your epigenetics, methylation, and body’s response to the nutrients. Having a complete understanding of your body’s response helps them frame a diet according to your body’s requirements. Subsequently, providing you with result-oriented and effective nutrition. 

Here we have mentioned some ways that can help you to maximize the positive impact of epigenetics and methylation:

Eating Green: Adding methyl groups to the DNA molecule requires folic acid. Eating green leafy vegetables will help you to have improved overall well-being. For example, pregnant ladies need to consume high folic acid because it directly affects the child’s health

Lean Protein: Protein and Vitamins B6 and B12 are very important for methylation. Make sure that you have one or two servings in every diet.

No individual is the same on this planet. Everyone responds differently to the same dietary interventions. Some people do really well on high-fat diets, while some don’t. Therefore, you must keep a record of the food that you are consuming. Your day-to-day choices can fight against genetic predispositions and diseases. 

If you cannot decide on the food items that can help you optimize epigenetics and methylation, get in touch with the registered dietician. The registered dieticians supply you with a complete diet that includes foods, beverages, supplements, and medications. From working with you one by one, they make sure that they help you with the meal preparations. 

With their guidance, you can adopt the right methods and get the sufficient nutrients essential for your body. In addition to it, they also identify the triggers and take care of behavioral health. 

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