Top 5 Homebuilding Trends

It has been said that it’s not a good idea to follow the latest trends when building or remodeling a home. That’s because trends change and your modern home can suddenly appear very dated, potentially wiping thousands of dollars off its value.

Top 5 Homebuilding Trends

However, there are some building trends that you should be aware of and adopt. These are the ones that have been tried and tested over the years. They won’t just add value to your home, they’ll help to improve its look and strength.

1. Cladding

There are many different types of cladding available, ranging from vinyl cladding to palliside cladding, or even metal cladding. All of them will improve the look of your home, reduce maintenance time, and even help to insulate your home, keeping the heat in and the damp out.

This is a good addition to your home and a building trend that is likely to last for another 100 years or more.

2. The Garage

Most families now have more than one car and they need somewhere to park them. That means a driveway is a must. However, an increasingly popular building trend is to include a two-car garage. This gives the option of parking both cars off the street and out-of-sight or using the extra space for something else.

3. Open Floor Plans

This is one building trend that hasn’t gone out of fashion and doesn’t show any sign of doing so. Open plan designs allow everyone to share what is going on, whether you’re preparing a family dinner, having a party, or hosting a dinner party. 

Being able to feel part of the event while cooking up a storm makes it better for everyone. 

In short, open floor plans allow you to share the space effectively, making a smaller house feel larger.

4. Bathroom Etiquette

You may be surprised at how many people like to have a bath in their home. Of course, they also need a shower which is generally more convenient.

In fact, many modern designs skip the bath and just add a wet room. Unfortunately, this can actually reduce the chances of a sale. Having a bath and a shower gives people options and it’s an important trend to recognize.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to use clean lines and minimal fittings, it really makes the bathroom look fantastic.

You can also increase the total cost of the house by installing a shower system with a body jet. This is a modern and functional solution that will be appreciated by the owners. You will find more information here.

5. Solar Power

In the modern world, we are all concerned about energy usage and our effect on the environment. That’s a good thing and why energy-efficient building solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

You need to consider adding solar panels to your build. Not only will you benefit from cheaper energy bills, but you’ll also be helping to save the environment.

Alongside this, you can look at other energy-efficient designs such as the latest energy-efficient windows and doors, or using a ground source heat pump to warm your home.

There are plenty of energy-efficient techniques that are becoming popular building trends. But, more than just being a trend, they’ll make it cheaper and more comfortable to live in your own home!

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