Prep For The Holidays @BestBuy @LGUS #ad

Prep For The Holidays @BestBuy #ad

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Brrr it’s cold out. After walking Peanut around the neighborhood this morning, I was ready to get in my warm and cozy kitchen and start cooking. It’s my favorite thing to do on cold days. For me, life is about gathering the family around the table and catching up with each other. Food brings us together and baking is what I do best. Which is why, a good and spacious oven is important. I bake large amounts of goodies at a time. Best Buy understands that and that’s why they rolled out the LG ProBake Double Oven. Take a look at it below and I’m sure you’ll agree, that this is the queen of ovens. It even sounds like a bakers dream.

Prep For The Holidays @BestBuy @LGUS #ad

If I’m ever fortunate to have a LG ProBake Double Oven, I’ll invite you over for milk and cookies ;). This oven cooks to perfection each and every rack, every time. The oven gives it’s buyers professional style cooking at home. Home is what matters most where I’m concerned. What I find unique about this oven is that it’s completely inspired by pro-style ranges in that they moved the heating element from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution. What a dream it would be to enjoy consistent browning on top and bottom, with every cookie baked to perfection. I’ve been gathering ingredients all month to bake goodies for all of my neighbors and friends, starting with my ultimate red velvet cakes.

Prep For The Holidays @BestBuy #ad

Let’s talk about cleaning the oven. This is one of the tasks that I tend to balk at and when I’m doing my spring and fall cleaning, it’s the last job I do. It’s just not a favorite task of mine. If you can relate, you’ll be as happy as I am to know that you can have a clean oven in 10 minutes. I kid you not. LG’s ProBake Convection ranges feature LG’s EasyClean® which basically means that you have 3 simple steps to follow. Do I need to repeat that? 3 Steps. 10 minutes. 1 spotless oven. And all this without strong chemical fumes or high heat.

Best Buy has 2 offers for you to help you make up your mind about this fantastic must have oven.

“1. Kitchen Bundle Rebate through 10/29, where consumers receive a Visa Gift Card valued up to $400 with purchase of a 4 piece Kitchen Package.”

“2. Receive 5x reward points with your Best Buy account on any ProBake Range purchase from 9/28 – 10/29. This can also be stacked with the kitchen bundle rebate mentioned above.”

Go ahead on because I know you’re dying to visit the ProBake Convection™ page.

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  1. How awesome would it be to have this oven especially with the upcoming holidays. I love checking out best buys for some deals

  2. The holidays can definitely be a trying time. Having an oven like this one would take a lot of the stress away.

  3. I have always wanted a double oven and not just for the holidays. Making a week night meal would be super easy.

  4. This oven looks absolutely amazing. I could do so much holiday cooking at once and save a great amount of time.

  5. I WISH I had a double oven like that. You know how much easier it would be to use that, but just imagine the bill you get every month for using the oven aka electric bill, nor I don’t think it would make a differenece, but you never know.

  6. OMG my mom would looooooove that oven. Best buy really has awesome deals. wish we had them here

  7. The oven was really looks awesome and I really like the color. Perfect for Christmas Season.

  8. LG is such a great brand that you can trust when it comes to home appliances & electronics. The ProBake Double Oven looks amazing and I agree it looks like the queen of ovens of sure. The BestBuy offer sounds great and I am sure many will make best use of the deal.

  9. Love the color of this oven! I would definitely want to have one.

  10. Wow, the kitchen and oven are beautiful! I am sucker for Best Buy too, I love technology.

  11. This is my dream stove! No only is it stylish but its super functional for a large family like mine.

  12. I really need one of these ovens. We just bought a house and replacing the oven is on my list!

  13. I love Best Buy. I know I’ll be buying most of my gifts from them. I love that they have free shipping!

  14. Love the color of this oven! It’d be great for making pizza on family nights! We always look forward to cooking as a family.

  15. I would love for us to have an oven like this in my house. This would be a huge time saver in the kitchen for Thanksgiving.

  16. wow! a double oven. i could definitely use this for the holidays, thanksgiving in particular. we still like to do the traditional baked turkey with a ton of sides.

  17. I wouldn’t mind at all!
    But I need an washing machine more.

  18. This oven is beautiful. Never thought I would say that haha. I love the double oven feature and how easy it is to clean.

  19. I Need that stove! Best Buy has so many great things.

  20. Two racks?! That something I could really use hahah I would love to have it

  21. wow, this is really a royalty in the oven family. anyone who loves baking, would definitely want to have one.

  22. Two racks – oh i would SO love that!

  23. Ooh, gimmie gimmie that oven! It looks amazing – and two racks? Incredible!

  24. I need this oven! It’s perfect for the holiday time and throwing all the parties.

  25. Two in just one? My Gosh I need that in my house! It would make my life so easy. I need to go to Best buy soon.

  26. Omg how fabulous is this oven?!!! I’ve always wanted a double oven. Any cooks dream!

  27. I am dreaming of an oven like that one day! Just thinking about all the baking I can get done at the same time.

  28. There’s nothing better than a reliable stove and oven for the Holidays. With all the cooking that’s going on, you can’t deal with a stove that’s not going to keep up with you.

  29. That stove is gorgeous!! That would be the perfect new accessory for the holidays!!

  30. That oven is so beautiful. I really want one, but I don’t own my house. They are making some awesome appliances these days.

  31. I’m drooling over that oven. Mine is in shambles right now.

  32. This LG oven looks like a good one.
    I really like the idea of a double bake oven.

  33. If we owned we would for SURE have this oven. It looks amazing and perfect to cook for our large family of 9. I think it looks incredible!

  34. The oven looks so beautiful! I want to updated my kitchen, will definitely check out this product !

  35. These are great offers Best Buy has for the LG’s ProBake Convection range. I love the new features and it is awesome it 3 steps to clean it in 10 minutes. This would be amazing to have for the holiday baking. Thanks for sharing this awesome appliance.

  36. The way the oven is able to cook everything evenly from the back sounds great. I think this would be an amazing oven to have for big dinners like on Thanksgiving.

  37. Best Buy seems like a great place to purchase things for the holiday and to get ready for the holiday season.

  38. This oven would be amazing for the holidays!! I love the idea of having the second oven to help with holiday baking.

  39. I love double ovens! They are fantastic for all the extra baking around the holidays! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Can I just have that entire kitchen please? I would love to have a double oven and those countertops and that microwave it’s perfect.

  41. That oven looks amazing. I love double ovens, because they open up so many possibilities. I also love the look of it!

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