Styles, Scents, Skin and Shoes

Styles, Scents, Skin and Shoes: Everything You Need To Make This Summer Sizzle

When the sun starts to peep through the clouds everyone gets the sudden buzz to shake up their style and head to the nearest rooftop bar to show it off. You have always been a summer-loving girl; the winter blues are always too much to handle. When it comes to finding the essential items for your summer beauty kit you love trying out something new. You want to experiment with new summery scents, try out a unique and chic look and get your skincare regime all sorted for the sunshine. Here are a few ways that you can get up to date for the summer so that you feel on top of the world for all of your upcoming social events.

Perfect Perfume

When someone smells great there is nothing more attractive and appealing. Many of us walk around during the hot months slathered in strong-smelling sunscreen and neglected our summer scents. Now, obviously, sun lotion is important, but do you really want to be smelling like your new bottle of factor 50 all day? This summer is all about rose perfume; it is the smell of summer, love, and beauty. The romantic aroma of the flower is truly something you need to try this year. Not only will you be looking superbly sun-kissed, but you’ll have a spectacular scent to match.

Styles, Scents, Skin and Shoes: Everything You Need To Make This Summer SizzleChic Sandals

New shoes for summer are a must-have for every lovely lady. If you have been sporting the same sandals since 2015 it might just be time for a shake-up. Bold and bright shades are all the rage this year so toss your gold gladiators out the window. Simple is in the past and elaborately elegant is just what you need. Try a coral wedge with a fringing detail or a boldly blue sandal with a hint of glitter. Make a statement with your sandals this year.

Summer Style

Everyone’s style is different and there is no particular trend anybody should follow. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you are wearing you are going to take summer by storm. Try a new color or style if you’re feeling brave; now is the time to give something new a go.

Sunny Skincare

When it is sunny the most important thing to wear on your face is a good SPF protection which will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. If you suffer from blemishes then be sure to opt for a non-comedogenic product that won’t clog up your pores.  Less is more when it comes to summer makeover so swish on a small amount of highlight and a flick of mascara and you will be all set.

So let their heads turn this summer because you are going to be rocking the hottest style trends of the year. You will be smelling fresh as a flower and your shoes will be so on point you won’t want to take them off to sunbathe! Whether you’re jetting off to an exotic island this year or enjoying a staycation with your family, you will feel chic, stylish and sophisticated all at the same time.

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