Top causes of bad smells in your home – and what you can do about them!

Top causes of bad smells in your home – and what you can do about them!

Do you ever walk into a room in your home and wonder – what on earth is that smell? You’ve taken out the trash, you’ve cleared away the dirty dishes, your gym kit is currently washed and dried and the baby doesn’t need changing…yet the smell persists!

It’s incredibly frustrating and embarrassing, especially when you have company. You may be in the habit of cleaning your home from top to bottom, regularly, but bad smells can linger in the most unexpected of places. Here we’ll explore the top causes of bad smells in your home – and what you can do about them!

Your washing machine

Yes! Believe it or not, the washing machine is one of the biggest culprits for bad odours at home, and it’s hardly surprising. The number of dirty clothes and germs it gets through on a daily basis, not forgetting the accumulation of old fabric softener and washing detergents, as well as the build-up of mould and grime, means that your washing machine will absolutely stink if it’s not taken care of. Not only does this smell linger in your home, but it can also linger on your clothes and affect the efficiency of your washing cycles. To get rid of dirty washer smells, click the link for some deep cleaning tips.

Your living room carpet

That bad smell that won’t go away, might be your living room carpet. You might try your hardest to preserve your flooring, but when we quickly pop back inside with our shoes on, or we spill a hot drink, the dog sheds hair everywhere and everything the children eat has a gravitational pull to the floor, it’s hardly surprising that your carpet will start to stink. Investing in a household carpet cleaning machine is a good place to start, or you could bring in the professionals and have all your floors cleaned by experts at least once a year.

Your bedsheets

When was the last time you changed your bedsheets? We’re supposed to change them at least once a week! Of course, modern life gets in the way and we’re all guilty of putting off a sheet change until we have the energy. Unfortunately, sweat, grime, dead skin cells and even faecal matter can work their way into your sheets, giving them a musty, unfavourable smell. Make sure you’re changing your bed sheets regularly and even more so, after warmer nights.

Your bathroom

The bathroom is a breeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria. It’s these fungi that can leave a damp, unfavourable smell in your bathroom. Cleaning your bathroom surfaces with a white vinegar solution at least once a week can keep these odours at bay. And don’t forget to wash that shower curtain. Remember to mop the floor at least once and week and get behind the toilet!

And finally, the dog

The dog is a much-loved member of your family, but every other member of your family bathes a little more regularly. Whether they’ve rolled in something unpleasant or they’re ready for a soak in the tub, get into the habit of taking your dog to the groomers or enjoying a bath at home to keep those bad odours at bay.

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