If you pride yourself on always being one step ahead of the latest home décor trends, then you need to carry on reading. Bathrooms are set to be more innovative and exciting than ever in 2020, so if modern and contemporary styles are your preferred choice, then get ready to be blown away. 

1. Champion curves

You may think that for a bathroom to be considered modern and chic, it needs to be all about hard lines and streamlined surfaces, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

You will soon be seeing many cutting-edge contemporary-style bathrooms that are now nothing but curves. Think freestanding oval baths, hand towel holders, curved shower enclosures, and rounded-edged toilets. 

You can even take this trend one step further and invest in a curved towel radiator in matte white to tie the whole look together. You will not be disappointed if you do. 

2. Wild wet rooms

A bold bathroom decision, but wet rooms are set to become increasingly popular in the next few years with homeowners wanting to maximize the space in a smaller, or second bathroom, while at the same time ensuring an ultra-stylish and modern look. Wet rooms are also super functional, easier to clean than standard showers as there is no shower screen, and coupled with a wall-hung sink and toilet, can work wonders on a relatively small space. 

However, it is not recommended to try to install a wet room yourself, instead look to bathrooms installation in Letchworth for professional advice before making any decisions or starting the building process. 

3. Embrace nature 

Again, not the kind of style that you would typically associate with a modern bathroom, but designers are becoming more and more inclined to push the boundaries of contemporary design and thankfully the results are inspiring. 

A bathroom that embraces natural materials and textures is the perfect look for the future with more and more people becoming more concerned with sustainability and eco-friendly design. 

Look for wood effect mirrors or lampshades, weathered wood effect furniture, rustic colored walls and if you are feeling particularly brave, a wooden bathtub. 

4. Go urban 

With another nod to nature and the lack of available outside space for many homeowners, many bathrooms designs feature an urban style design.

Think natural earth tones, grey brick wall tiles, dark wooden furniture with compact bowl sinks, a tile insert drain,  and wall-hung toilets to save on space. 

5. Oversized tiles

With many new homes having smaller than average bathrooms, designers have been looking into effective and unique ways to make your space go further, with oversized tiles being a firm favorite for the year ahead. 

Instead of tiling the wall behind your bath with many smaller tiles, why not try just one large tile in your chosen design; not only will there be fewer grout lines, but this design will really open up your bathroom and make the space appear twice the size. 

Whatever style you go for, make sure that it suits you and your family’s lifestyle, you may love a particular cutting-edge look, but make sure it is also functional.