Tips and trick for successful fall garden prep


Many people consider spring to be the best season for some effective gardening but in reality, most of the job should be done in the fall so that the garden is nicely prepped for spring growing season. Making the most of sunny days is very enjoyable, especially since the weather will be pleasant for spending time outside. With just a little bit of effort on your part you can ensure the healthiest conditions for the seasonal transition of your plants and vegetables.

Tips and trick for successful fall garden prep

Check out the condition of your plants

Before you start any major work, make sure to thoroughly inspect the state of your plants. Pay attention to the way they grow and whether they actually achieved their full bloom during the summer months. That way you’ll immediately know what plants need to be moved and separated because they require more place to properly grow and which plants, perhaps, need to be placed in a more fertile soil as well as change their position in order to get more or less sunlight.

Add the compost

Adding the compost and the additional layer of organic material will ensure the health of your plants throughout the colder period. Regardless of what kind of compost you decide to go for, make sure that you complete this step before the cold hardens the ground and the plants are left with shortage of nutrients during the harsh weather conditions.

Tips and trick for successful fall garden prep

Fertilize the lawn

Taking the time to spray the grass turf with fertilizer will make it grow a lot better when the spring comes. Natural fertilizers are always a great option and they will provide the turf with enough nutrients during winter. What’s more, by applying the fertilizer all over the grass turf, you’ll prevent the weeds and other unwanted plants from growing when the nature wakes up again. Additional help with weed is the use of selective herbicide. Selective herbicide should be used for spot treatments. Be careful not to use non-selective herbicide because it can destroy all green life.

Store away your watering system

Being exposed to water can make your garden and plants suffer from frost during the winter, which can have devastating results in the spring. If you have an automatic watering system, remember to turn it off and drain out all the water. In case you water your plants with hose, make sure to put it away and blast the water out as well. Put away all your watering supplies in the shed or garage during the colder months and avoid any trivial accidents such as frost damage.

Get rid of the green waste

Your garden might be kept in pristine condition but you know very well that fall is the time when plants and trees shed their leaves, which then cover the gardens and streets. The gardens are actually more prone to natural waste because the low plants are also shedding their leaves and flowers. While the fall colours really look beautiful, you don’t need that amount of green waste in your garden. Therefore, make sure you do a regular clean up of your garden as long as there’s organic waste accumulated. You can also rent skip bins in Penrith and similar green waste removal services so that you can efficiently and quickly get rid of all the rubbish.

Tips and trick for successful fall garden prep

If you want your garden to be beautiful and a true green oasis in spring, and also achieve success with your herbs, crops and flowers, you should definitely devote some of the fall days to a thorough garden work. Moreover, if you want to add some new plants and veggies to your garden, fall might be the perfect time to plant the seeds – just remember to check beforehand what seeds are actually advisable to be planted as soon as the fall comes.

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18 thoughts on “Tips and trick for successful fall garden prep

  1. These are awesome tips. When I get out of this apartment building I will be planting a vegetable garden of my own.

  2. I have been wanting to start gardening for the longest time…my biggest hurdle is the soil here. I think I am going to try a raised garden!

  3. These are great tips and my favorite is to store away the watering system. I forgot to do this last year and my hose was so damaged this year we couldn’t use it so I second that tip!

  4. I haven’t thought about prepping my garden for Fall. I think it would be awesome to make sure that I have everything in place. These are great tips and they will definitely help!

  5. These are all great tips and tricks for successfully prepping a fall garden. It is so important to check which seeds can be planted for fall and to put away along with emptying all water from hoses. I have had hoses bust because of water being left in them. Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. Thanks so much for these awesome gardening tips. I wish I had a green thumb but I typically end up killing plants. Will definitely take your tips to heart and hopefully have a beautiful garden soon!

  7. Where I live the ground is extremely irritated. The ground is basically all sand and it’s hard to grow stuff in it. I would love to grow a flower garden with also some vegetables in there. These are some great tips maybe I’ll just go get a windowsill box and use that.

  8. I really need to get out there and prep my flower beds. After recovering from a back injury and not being able to work in my garden, they have been sadly neglected. Thanks for the tips.

  9. These are excellent tips. I like to recycle my green waste back into my gardens. I use it as compost in combination with vegetable scraps, and it makes my plants get GINORMOUS.

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