Top 7 Ways To Enjoy Corn

Corn is as American as it gets; it’s loved more by Americans than apple pie. Data shows that corn is the nation’s second-most favorite vegetable (even though it’s now classified as a fruit). It started as a product in indigenous diets and now its irresistible taste has taken hold of people’s minds across all habitable continents. So, how many ways are there to enjoy corn?

Let us discuss how corn can easily elevate your culinary experience and let you experiment to your heart’s content.

1. Corn in a creamy sauce

You can make creamed corn by cooking the kernels in a sauce made with milk, sugar, and butter. That’s how you create a flavorful side dish with a slightly sweet essence and pairs well with Texas-style brisket. Make sure the kernels simmer gently in the creamy sauce to absorb its sweet flavor and get tender.

2. Grilled corn on the cob

Children love this easy-to-make dish. It just takes ten minutes to boil corn to make a decent side dish out of it. Here’s a simple recipe for boiling corn on the cob like a pro in your kitchen. Take at least eight ears of corn and procure one cup of milk along with a single stick of butter.

After bringing all ingredients together on the kitchen table, heat some cold water on the stove. Once it gets warm enough, put milk and butter into the pot of water. Peel the husks off the corn ears. Also, do away with the silk. Add the corn cobs to the water and cook for eight to ten minutes.

3. Creamy corn chowder

Top 7 Ways To Enjoy Corn

If you’re a fan of comfort food, combine onions, potatoes, and corn kernels to create this amazing dish that is especially good on cold winter days and nights. Start by sauteing garlic, celery, and onions in oil or butter. Then add diced potatoes, chicken broth, and corn kernels to the mixture. Wait for the taters to get tender by letting them simmer. Then blend some portion of the soup to give it a creamy texture before returning it to the pot. Keep stirring the cream and heat the mixture thoroughly.

When it’s done cooking, garnish the corn chowder with bacon and herbs as per your liking.

4. Crispy corn fritters

This Native American delicacy is also popular in Myanmar and Indonesia as an appetizer. This recipe also gives you a lot of leeway when experimenting with different ingredients. You can also make Chipotle aioli to give your fritters a touch of tanginess.

After you’ve done deep-frying the patties until they’re brown and crispy, get the following ingredients to make the aioli: garlic, lemon, mayonnaise, and Chipotle powder (or adobo sauce).

5. Corn in taco shells

Try to make tacos with soft taco shells and grilled corn kernels. It’s an easy way to combine the essence of corn with Mexican cuisine. Make a dough with water and masa harina (also named masa de maiz) Masa harina is something you might know as corn flour or dried corn dough.

Make a few small balls with this dough and then flatten them all with the palm of your hands, turning them into flat rounds. Cook them on a skillet until they puff up and develop charred spots. Then fill them with desired ingredients to make your corn tacos more flavorful.

6. Make bread or muffins

Top 7 Ways To Enjoy Corn

Made with flour, sugar, baking powder, and – most importantly – cornmeal, the story of cornbread can be traced back in history, even before America was a country. As historians would tell you, the southern version of cornbread became more popular in the 18th century when wheat was a luxury enjoyed only by the rich. Now, this staple food is greatly enjoyed by a majority of Americans.

Combine your cornmeal mixture with eggs, milk, and butter. Pour into a greased baking pan or muffin tin. Keep baking ‘till it gets golden and now it’s ready.

7. Corn and bacon salad

Corn also makes many wonderful side dishes with enough sweetness to sweep you off your feet. Here is an easy way to make a delicious salad with corn kernels and crispy bacon. 

You will need to cook the bacon and, when it gets crispy enough, cut it into small pieces. Mix it with corn, chopped parsley, and diced red onions. Make a delicious dressing with mayonnaise, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss it all together and put the mixture in the refrigerator. Served chilled.

You can easily use corn to make other types of salad as well. For instance, toss corn kernels with black beans, bell peppers, and red onions to produce a vibrant and satisfying salad.


This blog provides a cornucopia of ideas to enjoy corn in the form of tacos, salads, chowder, muffins, or casserole. Or, you can appreciate the simplicity of this grain by enjoying it directly on the cob. Just ensure you follow the recipes to the core so you can enjoy corn the way it deserves to be savored.

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