Uplift or Rejuvenate Your Face with Top-Level Skin Care in New York City

Uplift or Rejuvenate Your Face with Top-Level Skin Care in New York City

For quality aesthetic or cosmetic care, you have to seek medical attention from a trusted provider. Norman Joseph Pastorek MD, PC, FACS offers exceptional skincare treatments and plastic surgery procedures in Park Avenue, Manhattan, and Upper East Side, NYC. This private practice utilizes the most advanced innovations and techniques to achieve quality results. If you wish to get a safe and effective surgical treatment, get in touch with a  New York, NY facial plastic surgeon through mobile or go online.

Meet Dr. Norman Pastorek

         Dr. Pastorek is a fellowship-trained professional who has more than 3-decade experience in performing facial plastic surgeries. He is a reputable and renowned surgeon who received multiple accolades during his career. According to the record, he has performed more than 7,000 rhinoplasties, 2,700 facelifts, and 3,000 blepharoplasties.

         Besides being a reputable and award-winning facial plastic surgeon worldwide, Dr. Pastorek has continuously dedicated his service to the medical community as a respectable educator. He lets other people learn from his expertise by demonstrating and showcasing his surgical skills. You will find him doing Grand Rounds at various teaching hospitals across New York. He has also authored and edited several books.

About Practice

         Norman Pastorek founded this private practice with his wife, Dr. Janice Pastorek. For the former, he is an exceptional facial surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, neck and face lift, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, brow lift, and chin augmentation. As for Dr. Janice Pastorek, she focuses on providing innovative skincare treatment solutions, including platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP), laser skin rejuvenation, injectable fillers, and Botox.

Norman Joseph Pastorek MD, PC, FACS offers both in-house and post-operative outpatient care, but all surgical procedures are performed in-house at Lenox Hill Hospital. The providers’ goal is to make plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation as accommodating and comfortable as possible. Every patient who sets foot in the practice is guaranteed personalized care to meet their unique needs and goals.

The providers here are quite friendly and compassionate to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients to unwind as they receive expert care. All consultations are free at the two-office locations in New York and Madison. Request a consultation to find out more about the practice.

Testimonials & Reviews

Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS values and appreciates reviews from their valued patients. To date, the practice prides itself on having a 5 out of 5 stars rating based on 43 collected reviews. To check out what other people are saying about this practice, visit the website.

To sum up, Norman J. Pastorek MD, PC, FACS offers top-level skin care through innovative skin treatments and advanced plastic surgeries. All procedures are developed following a comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation to ensure that it is safe and effective. All patients, whether new or existing, are being welcomed at the practice. If you wish to uplift or rejuvenate your face with exceptional skin care services in New York, schedule an appointment with the office near you through mobile or use the online booking tool.

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