You Go, Girl! How to Apply False Lashes

You Go, Girl! How to Apply False Lashes

Are you struggling to apply false eyelashes?

False eyelashes give that extra wow-factor. Whether you’re going for dramatic flair or wanting to make an outfit pop, they’re as big or as subtle as you like. But if you don’t know how to apply them, it can be a frustrating experience.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read our guide on how to apply false lashes to get the look you desire.

1. Choose the Set that Fits Your Eye Shape

Most false lash sets will fit all eye shapes, but knowing your shape can help you get a better placement. There are 6 main types of eye shape:

  • Monolids
  • Upturned & Downturned
  • Hooded
  • Round
  • Almond

Make sure you get the right set of lashes for your eye shape to get the most flawless finish.

2. Do Your Eyeliner

Once you picked out the set you want, you need to line your upper lash line. Use black eyeliner as this will hide the base of your flash lashes. Once you’ve lined both eyes you’re ready.

3. Take Your Lashes From the Box

This might sound simple but there is an art to it. Don’t grab and pull as this can damage the hairs bending them or causing them to rip out.

Be gentle and roll the band down with your fingertips as this will loosen the glue. Work from the outer corner in as you’ll likely end up trimming this part anyway.

4. Loosen the Strip Spine

To get the right fit, you need to loosen the lash strip spines first. Otherwise, you could see your strip lashes popping up at the corners of your eyes. A good way to do this is to wrap the eyelash strips around your finger for a minute.

5. Measure the Lashes

With your fingers or a pair of long lash tweezers, rest the strip against your lash line. This will tell you if you need to trim it and by how much.

The strip should begin where most of your natural lashes do for a natural look. If it’s too close to your inside corner, it won’t stay in place and can irritate your eye. Any overhang will make your eyes look like they droop.

6. Trim Your Strip Lashes

Using lash scissors cut the spine from the outside, not the inside. Strip lashes have extra length at the outer edge, so you won’t lose volume.

Once trimmed, you can then trim the strip into quarters. Applying smaller sections will allow for more precious placement on the lashline. They’ll also glue down for a snugger fit.

7. Apply the Lash Adhesive

It’s easy to be heavy-handed with the lash glue so try putting the glue in an empty cup. Using the stem of a cotton bud, or the edge of a bobby pin, apply a thin layer of glue.

Wait a few seconds so the glue gets tacky before you apply them to your eye. The most important tip, don’t blow the glue to get it dry, you’ll transfer germs from your mouth to your eye.

8. Place Your Lashes

Line your lash up with where most of your natural lashes start. Use tweezers to place the middle of the strip then nudge the outer and inner corners into place.

Once all edges are in place, pinch your false and natural lashes together to blend them. You don’t want a gap between your lashes and your lash line.

How to Apply False Lashes Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these simple steps you’ll be able to apply false lashes like a pro.

Make sure you get the right set for your eye shape to make the most out of your natural look. Be gentle and take it slow. Eyelash tweezers and scissors are your best friend here to get a seamless, trimmed finish. You want your strip lashes to blend with your natural ones.

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