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ZENMED to the Rescue

ZENMED to the Rescue

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It’s not every day that I can brag on seeing visible results with anti aging products. Then again, until recently, I didn’t know about ZENMED. I feel like everyone has been keeping this big secret from me.

ZENMED to the Rescue

Because I’ve got a trip to go on and I want to look my best, I’ve been trying 3 ZENMED products to target wrinkles and aging skin. They’re the only products I’ve been using prior and the only ones I will be packing to take with me. I’m excited about sharing these products with all of the other bloggers who will be there. Anyone who wants to try these, can. When we really like something, we share. Sharing is caring.

The first thing I want to mention is the
Renewing MicroDermabrasion Complex. I’ve been using this before applying anything else. It removes all of my yucky flaky skin and it’s working to get rid of my imperfections, and believe me there are many. This product is worth everything to me.

ZENMED to the Rescue

After using the abrasion complex, I use an AVT cream. It nourishes my skin to make it look and feel healthy. It has a lot of good stuff for my skin in it such as vitamins and oils. Neither one of these products make my skin oily so that’s worth noting as well.

ZENMED to the Rescue

The third product I’m using is a retinol booster. I’m using it to decrease the depth and size of my wrinkles. I’ve really been noticing them around my eyes lately. They’ve got to go.

ZENMED to the Rescue

ZENMED isn’t just for aging skin, they have product for rosacea, acne, scars, and more. They even have makeup and moisturizers. Now I know that a lot of companies offer these options as well BUT they aren’t all made with vegan, naturally sourced products. ZENMED products are. Plus you get fast improvements to your skin issues from these products.

Whatever it is your skin needs, I can pretty much guarantee you can find it at ZENMED and see quick results from it.

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