8 Most Popular Interior Design Trends For 2018
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8 Most Popular Interior Design Trends For 2018

While the world of interior design evolves every year, most people don’t have the luxury of remodeling their home year in and year out. Still, some of the minor changes like rearranging the furniture to shift the focus of the room, slapping a new finish on your wooden surfaces or even getting a new household appliance can’t be considered as major changes. On the other hand, when executed correctly, these changes can completely shift both perception and functionality of your home. With this in mind, here are eight most popular interior design trends that are expected to be huge in 2018.

  1. Smart appliances

If there’s one thing that adds to the comfort of the inhabitant’s it’s the idea of smart technology. With smart lights, smartphone-controlled TV and audio system and even a smart shower, you get a full control of your home without ever having to leave the couch. While a lot of people accuse smart appliances of adding to one’s sedentary (unhealthy) lifestyle, a smart fridge, coupled with a nutrition app, can make a huge difference to your eating habits and, therefore, your health in general. When it comes to this, the choice of how much of your home you decide to automate is completely up to your needs and budget.

  1. Bold colors

8 Most Popular Interior Design Trends For 2018

A few years back, we had a boom in Scandinavian interior design trends. Needless to say, this minimalist-oriented décor style mostly depends on neutral colors such as light blue, grey and even white. Well, in 2018, bold colors are coming back and we can expect to see more hues of pink and orange indoors. Furthermore, monochromatic layouts are also back, which means that we might also see more different hues of these colors in the interior decoration. Apart from being an additional challenge, this idea also contributes to the overall beauty and harmony of your living space.

  1. Extension of your garden

When it comes to the size of the space, a lot of it can be attributed to the perception of the beholder. Same as horizontal stripes can make the room seem longer and bright colors make it appear larger, low hanging chandeliers and tall lamps make it shrink in perceived size. On the other hand, one of the best ways to have your room visually expand is to make a glass slide-door into a focal point of your room and therefore create an impression that your living room is merely an extension of your garden. In order to achieve so, however, you must decorate both your interior and interior in a similar style which is a no small feat.

  1. Switch to LED

The home of the future is an eco-friendly one, so, in order to take this aesthetic, planet- and budget-saving step, you need to switch to LED products, instead of sticking to the outdated incandescent ones. Reasons for this are ample. First of all, an LED light produces the same amount of lumens for just one-quarter of the power, making it into a valuable money-saving asset to possess. Next, switching to LED is also a more practical choice, seeing as how LED bulbs last much longer than their incandescent counterparts. Namely, an incandescent bulb lasts for between 1,000 and 2,000 hours, while LED one lasts between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. As you can see, the difference is astronomical.

  1. Media room

No matter how strong the traditionalist inside you is, you need to embrace the spirit of the time you live in. After all, after making your home automated with smart appliances, turning your living room into an entertainment center is the next tech-savvy step to take. In this way, you may also encourage your kids to spend more time in the living room and, therefore, get an additional chance to socialize with them, instead of creating a no-tech space they will avoid.

  1. Indoors street art

While the topic of street art may still be quite controversial in the outdoors, ironically, it is much better accepted in the interior design. In fact, more and more people are embracing the idea of decorating walls of their household in street art manner. Moreover, some of them are even willing to pay canvas prints of Banksy’s most famous (or infamous) pieces and have them displayed everywhere in their home. This is something that especially goes well with the naked brick, industrial style, which gives it an additional hint of authenticity it needed to fully come to life as an accessory.

  1. Vintage accessories

A lot of people have an inclination towards turning their home into a vintage haven, yet simply dread the idea of having to replace every single one of the items in order to achieve this harmony. On the other hand, you don’t have to have your entire home in a vintage style in order to insert an antique here and there. In 2018, style mixing is going to be all the rage. Because of this, you might want to keep an eye out for vintage accessories that can go along great with your home.

  1. Brass and darker finishes

Finally, when it comes to the wooden and metal parts of your furniture and your household design in general, 2018 brings no great surprises on this front. Two major trends that will carry on their upward spiral this year are brass for your metal surfaces and darker finishes for your wooden ones. Needless to say, this works particularly well when coupled with the above-mentioned bolder wall colors and vintage accessories. Nonetheless, this trend is something that most people are already used to, seeing as how they dominated in the last few years, as well.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, the above-listed trends are more of a rundown that a complete analysis of the interior design for the following year. Nevertheless, every home requires its own personal touch and when it comes to interior design, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Moreover, not every one of these trends requires the same amount of money and work. Because of this, make sure to weigh your options carefully and choose wisely.

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21 thoughts on “8 Most Popular Interior Design Trends For 2018”

  1. Great suggestions! I like LED lighting and I’m happy bold colors are trending this year. These two make the house lively and harmonious. I also love the idea of making the living room an extension of the garden, it truly creates for wider space.

  2. This interior color is looking so unique. I need more painting ideas and creative design tips to colour my interior home walls and is best used in areas the occupants of a house gather. Thanks.

  3. Our house just got finsihed being renovated and we will be moving in this week. I agree that bold colors and different metals like brass and copper are awesome decors. I will definitely be referring to this again, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love bold colours in my living/dining and kitchen areas, but the bedrooms have to be muted and serene. And I love the idea of a media Room. That would allow me to reclaim my living room 🙂

  5. I live in the mountains, so my decor is more rustic and woodsy but I love the idea of bringing outside scenes into the home, this would work for the mountain view I have.

  6. Hello! I love decoration, in fact, I studied architecture. It is true that putting it into practice at home, is more complicated but I love the tips you have given. My favorites: intelligent appliances, led and street art at home.

  7. Our home is more utilitarian – I grew up in a designed home and nope. Can’t get there from here in my house. Between running businesses and everything else that goes on – it is clean but every spot has a purpose.

  8. I’m glad bold colors are back. We have a room with walls in a very similar color to that blue, and it is my favorite room. The colors make me feel happy.

  9. We switched everything to brushed bronze and a darker wood tone when we moved into our home. I love it. It makes everything feel so much warmer. I would love to add an accent wall with a really cool and bold color. Hmmm…

  10. lots of great changes on the way. The LED lighting is one that I may be checking out but not for sure on but those bold colors oh yes, bring them on

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