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The older I get the more I realize how important it is to save memories spent with my family and friends.  I love making memories and photographing them.  I know that my photos will live on long after I’m gone and the memories will carry on with loved ones.  I’ve got printed photos, photos that were taken with my very old vintage (no longer working) vintage Polaroid camera, photos that were taken with my new Polaroid camera, digital photos, photos on my phone and photos literally in every inch of my home just about.  I love photos.  I’ve even got canvas photos I’ve had made over the years.

When thinking about all of the photos I want to have made from my prints, to give as gifts, I decided to try because I’ve read some great reviews about them and of course I put a lot of emphasis on word of mouth. Plus they’ve been rated as the #1 Canvas Shop on TRUSTPILOT, in the US which upped my interest in them as well. If someone I know uses a company and highly recommends them, then I like to try them for myself. Knowing that I wanted to include photo gift suggestions in my gift guide, I had a couple of canvas photos made from to see just how good they were. I like to try companies before I give my own opinion on them, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I did a happy dance when I unwrapped them. They arrived in perfect condition and I can’t find a single flaw on them.

Does anyone else take photos of their photos? Lol because I do and I did in this post as well. The photo above and below are my prints. I put mine on the wall beside a large object that would give you an idea of how the 20 x 20 size looks which is what I bought, to give you an idea of the size you might want to purchase, be it smaller or larger.

Ta da…. Holiday Savings Up To 90% Off #ad #photos #holidayshoppersgiftguide2018

Two things to note. When you upload your photos to make your own canvas prints, make sure your photos are nice and clear and in a large size if you’re wanting large canvases. When you’re having a photo blanket or metal prints made, make sure you follow this rule as well. The better the photo, the more you will be happy with your purchase. The other thing I want to mention is that if you need hanging hardware, be sure to order it when you check out. It’s not automatically included on the canvases. Holiday Savings Up To 90% Off #ad #photos #holidayshoppersgiftguide2018

If you decide to order canvas wall prints, you will be able to select a lot of options with your purchase and for mine, I selected mine to wrap on around so some of the print is showing on all sides. I just prefer it that way.

If you’re ready to go have your own canvas prints made, you will receive up to 90% savings on your next order by clicking on the following link.

What photo gift would you like to have made?


  1. Some of my travel photos will make good wall canvas photos! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Canvas prints can really change a room. They brings so much warmth and atmosphere into a space.

  3. I love canvass prints, and these can be added to my great gift ideas this coming Christmas.

  4. I love canvas prints! They take your pictures to the next level! I have given these as gifts and everyone loves them!

  5. My brother and his wife just hung a few of these on a wall in their home and they are absolutely beautiful! I love the look of them!

  6. Canvas wall prints, and being able to select a lot of options with my purchase is a plus for me. I look forward to seeing my photos come to life on canvas.

  7. Bharat Bhushan Sharma

    Perhaps I was looking for such links.. thanks for providing the one. And thanks for this idea

  8. Its been a while since I’ve seen canvas prints it’s an awesome idea with a great vintage feel. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. This is such a wonderful gift idea! Also very helpful tip! The photo must be clear for the canvas print!

  10. I am pretty good about taking photos but I would love to do more canvas prints. I would love to make some for my parents and in-laws for the holidays!

  11. What a great saving! I was thinking to make a canvas photo for my family this year and this would be great place to try.

  12. I’ve had one or two of these done over the years and I’ve realized how bad my photography skills are. I’ll have to get better at taking photos before I invest in any more canvas prints.

  13. I needd to start taking photos, I am the worst when it comes to photos so I try to avoid them all the time but I do understand the memories part.

  14. These are great for gifting! Thank you for the link too! Have a good holiday!

  15. woaah!! This one’s awesome!! It’s a perfect picture to be printed and framed for our free wall here at home. Thanks for this!

  16. Great personalized gift idea for the holidays! So meaningful and sentimental, I know a ton of people who’d love to hang up family portraits.

  17. I created a poster for my son’s room using a similar method. This really is a great gift idea..very personal.

  18. Such a great gift idea!

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