Enfamil A.R. helps spit-up problems in infants

Enfamil A.R. helps spit-up problems in infants

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I received product and compensation from Mead Johnson Nutrition to create this post written by me. All experiences and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of Mead Johnson Nutrition. Consult your pediatrician before making changes to your baby’s diet or if you have concerns related to your baby’s digestive health. Please see the product label/website for acceptable use and benefits. You can contact Mead Johnson Nutrition with product related questions or comments toll free at 1-800-BABY 123 or through the Contact Us link on Enfamil A.R. or Enfamil.com.

Tyler had issues with spitting up since birth. We had to change his formula several times before we found one that helped his GER. GER is an uncomplicated form of digestive problems (spit up, ick), unlike GERD. Until he was identified with frequent spit up issues, I wasn’t familiar with GER. In fact, in the beginning, I thought it was the same thing as GERD, which I was familiar with because a child I babysat was diagnosed with GERD. I knew it was common for kids to spit up but he spit up more than I thought was normal (more than 5 times daily) so I met with our pediatrician to discuss options. Our pediatrician gave me some great advice on how to help reduce GER, which included burping more frequently than normal and holding him upright after feeding. As a medical professional myself, I always recommend checking with your pediatrician before making any changes. These suggestions helped but I think the most valuable information that would have benefited him would have been to put him on Enfamil A.R.™ If you’ve never tried Enfamil A.R. then you probably aren’t aware of its benefits so keep reading for more information.

Enfamil A.R. helps spit-up problems in infants

Enfamil A.R. is thicker than the normal formula for babies to get and keep the much needed nutrients inside their little bodies to help them grow. I washed more bibs during Tyler’s childhood than I have anything else to date. He would spit-up, I’d change his bib. I’d change his bib, he’d spit up. I’m sure you get the message. Spit up is not only a messy & smelly problem, but spitting up in excess can be really bad on an infant who needs the complete nutrition that formula is designed to provide. Keep in mind that it is common for babies to spit-up while their digestive system develops, and every baby has periods of fussiness and irritability, but not every baby spits up more than 5 times daily. I didn’t know about Enfamil A.R. back then (13 years ago) but I’m sure it would have helped Tyler’s GER as it’s helping a friend of mine’s infant baby girl. As soon as she started having problems with spitting up, I told her about Enfamil A.R. and after consulting with her pediatrician, he gave her the go ahead to change formulas. She had originally planned to breast feed but knowing she would be going back to work right away, she opted to formula feed her little bundle of joy instead. Both mama and baby are doing well and I feel great knowing I helped her out of the messy situation that was happening, but, more importantly, by her taking the well meant advice, her baby is getting complete nutrition from the formula.

When you visit my links to read more about Enfamil A.R. you’re going to discover some important information. Such as… Enfamil A.R. is clinically proven* to reduce spit-up by over 50% in infants with frequent spit up! Plus, Enfamil A.R. is the #1selling brand of formula for spit­ up. Using thickened feedings like Enfamil A.R.™ as a first line management option for infants with uncomplicated reflux instead of the overuse of medications that reduce the production of gastric (stomach) acid, is recommended by the AAP, along with lifestyle changes as mentioned above (burping more frequently and keeping baby upright after feeding).

“More product questions? Contact Enfamil at 1-800-BABY123.”



  1. I didn’t know about GER. Thanks for sharing this post.. it really is helpful.

  2. Where was this when my daughter was born? We tried formula after formula and nothing worked. Talk about stressful.

  3. I’ll be passing this over to my step son’s girlfriend who is expecting our grand baby in January! Thanks for the review.

  4. My son suffered dearly with this when he was an infant. I wish I had known about it!

  5. I’ve always trusted enfamil. I know hospitals send this home with new moms too!

  6. My daughter suffered dearly with this when she was an infant. I wish I had known about this particular formula!

  7. I’m not a parent but I hope that many parents will see this post and get the useful info for their little ones.

  8. My daughter has been trying to find the right formula for her baby. Fortunately, he doesn’t spit up very much but I know that can be a really big problem.

  9. There are so many options out there for babies with issues. We breastfed exclusively, so I didn’t get to try any of the formulas, but it is so nice to know that there is one for each condition! One less thing to worry about!

  10. I do not have children but I do sit every now and then for family or friends so it’s helpful to read about this, I never really thought about infants suffering from acid reflux, must be so hard on them as they can’t really express what they are feeling.

  11. This is a big help for parents dealing with babies and acid re-flux. Anything to ease those crying sleepless nights.

  12. I’m so glad they have something like this to help parents and babies out when it comes to spit-up. Thanks for sharing this

  13. My children suffered with this when they were younger. It is so great to have something that can help ease it.

  14. When my so was three weeks old he was going through a huge growth spurt and was drinking close to seventy oz per day. On top of that he was spitting about a third of it up and was STILL hungry. Enfamil AR had helped us so much in that he doesn’t spit up nearly as much anymore and since it thickens in his stomach he is not so savagely hungry after 45 minutes anymore.

  15. I wish they had this when my Son was a baby. He used to spit up at least half of what he would eat every time.

  16. My son never had spit up problems when he was a baby, but I am glad that there is a product that would help babies with such problems.

  17. Glad that Enfamil can help the little babies, sharing with my sister that just had a baby 🙂

  18. I am super thankful that I was able to breastfeed all three of my kids. However, as a mom I get that some don’t or can’t breastfeed for whatever reason. I am also glad that there is formula to help with issue like Gerd.

  19. My niece;s little one was on this Enfamil A. R. when he was on formula. I have never heard of GER but I have GERD. This is indeed awesome information to the new moms as well as old new moms. Thanks for sharing the awesome information.

  20. I wish this has been around when I was a baby. My mom had a terrible time finding a formula for me.

  21. This is a great product for babies with reflux. The thicker formula really helps.

  22. My kids did not have this condition (GER) but I know how hard it could be for parents. It’s awesomethat engamil has a profduct that addresses the issue.

  23. Now that you mentioned it, I always babies spitting or vomiting their food. I think Enfamil is a great option to address this issue.

  24. I don’t like seeing my baby putting up with any tummy issue. I’ve heard Enfamil can help with this type of problem.

  25. Enfamil is a great product, both kids consumed Enfamil products ( milk + vitamin). So glad that they bring more awesome products. Hope this product will help kids with digestive problems.

  26. This is great to have a solution to this problem. I imagine it would be scary for the parents dealing with these issues and much better for baby to have this available.

  27. I heard about this Emfamil that can help with spit up problems. This will help with growing babies digestive systems!

  28. My kids are now 3 and 4 1/2 and the formula days are almost a blur now! I didn’t give Enfamil to my kids but I heard it’s a great formula.

  29. This sounds incredibly helpful. It’s tough to see the little ones having tummy issues so it’s always good to have some enfamil.

  30. I am so glad they make a formula for babies with reflux problems. I know I have friends with twins that have this problem and the formula really helps.

  31. I didn’t realize there was a difference with GERD and GER. Good to know! I think my kids all had varying degrees of it, but I never realized they should see a doctor about it. They each grew well and didn’t suffer one bit because of it, but oh my – the laundry! Yikes!

  32. This sounds great for any parent whose child is having these kinds of issues. I was lucky. My kids didn’t have much of a problem with thing. Thanks goodness!

  33. I am thankful to say my kiddo never had this, but a friend of mine has a little one that was so bad they had him sleep in his car seat at night because it would keep him sitting up.

  34. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I always used Enfamil when my boys were babies., I was very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone.

  35. I think it’s quite normal for kids to spit up. It’s great that the Enfamil A.R. is clinically proven and some doctors even recommend it as a solution for infants. This is for parents to be also rest assured that their babies are getting the right nutrition.

  36. I haven’t heard of GER until now when I’m reading your post. Good thing that your pediatrician help you a lot on how to deal with GER. Also, Enfamil helps out the problem too!

  37. so nice that there are products out there to help babies if mama’s milk isn’t possible.

  38. It is so hard when babies have tummy issues. I love that Enfamil has helped to come out with a product that helps the babies out. I am going to have to tell my friend about this formula!

  39. This is great for all the little ones out there who suffer with spit up issues. It’s so scary and hard to deal with when they’re so tiny! I love that this is designed for helping with that issue so that all babies can get proper nutrition and be comfortable and happy!

  40. My children thankfully did not not have GER, but I have a friend who’s child did. I know it was pretty rough on both mom and baby. I’m glad that they are getting more and more options available to help every baby get fed in a way that meets their needs best.

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