Hot Denim Styles to Beat the Summer Heat from Liverpool Jeans

Hot Denim Styles to Beat the Summer Heat from Liverpool Jeans

Hello, sunshine. I’ve been working on my summer wardrobe and of course, Liverpool is a part of that. I’ve been buying and wearing Liverpool jeans for about 5 years now and I still wear the very first pair I purchased. 5 years of wear and tear haven’t put a strain on them at all. This year I wanted something a little more snug and flattering so I decided to try the Sienna Crop Legging in a size 4. They feel amazing and for the first time in probably ever, I look like I have curves with these leggings. I don’t think I could adequately describe just how sexy I feel wearing these leggings. And that’s saying a lot because I’m so picky about how things fit and feel.

Hot Denim Styles to Beat the Summer Heat from Liverpool Jeans

I think one of the reasons these Liverpool Jeans feel so amazing is because they’re so soft. Almost to the point of feeling silky. They pull on instead of zipping so I can wear them anytime and anywhere, even when my back pain is at an all-time high from my back issues. They have fake front and back pockets so they look more like jeans than they do leggings. And you can’t see through them like you can most leggings. They’re such a fave that I’ve got an order of shorts on the way which are made exactly like these in a white. I’ll be posting about them in the near future. It’s been many years since I wore shorts because they’re usually so uncomfortable. It’s going to be fun to feel spunky in shorts again.

Hot Denim Styles to Beat the Summer Heat from Liverpool Jeans

I can dress my Sienna Crop Legging up or dress them down. From heels to wedges, I feel comfortable wearing these anywhere I go from meetings to putt-putt. In fact, I’m packing them along for BlogHer 17, the NOW® Immersion Event and to the WowSummit. I will look stylish while feeling as comfortable as I do in my own skin. These leggings come in 2 colors and size 0 to 16. They’re affordable and made with high-quality denim which you would expect from this well-known brand. The jeans are all under $100. Much less than some of the other major brand names.

Hot Denim Styles to Beat the Summer Heat from Liverpool Jeans

I’d love to know if you’ve ever purchased Liverpool Jeans and what’s your favorite feature about them?

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  1. I love jeans in the summer but agree that sometimes they can be too hot. These look so comfy, going to have to check them out!

  2. Thank you. They come in sizes 0 to 16. They also come in petite sizes on some of their products.

  3. It’s been in the 90’s here too. I imagine it’s going to be hot at BlogHer this month since it’s in Orlando. I’ll really appreciate these then.

  4. They are the most comfortable jeans in the world. I’ve got to get all of their colors.

  5. The material of jeans looks comfortable. I like it.

  6. Definitely going to have to check these jeans out. It was 90 degrees here yesterday! Way too hot for uncomfy jeans!

  7. Those Liverpool Jeans look amazing on you! I love the style and I love that it’s comfortable and soft as well. I always wear jeans when I’m out running errands because I can easily move in them. I’d love to grab a pair from this brand!

  8. I would pretty much live in jeans year round if I could, and I love these Liverpool jeans! They look so comfortable!

  9. the liverpool jeans rock! Those jeans look so comfy and I love the way they look on you.
    blogher sounds fun

  10. Those jeans and shoes are so cute! Do they carry plus sizes?

  11. I have never heard of Liverpool Jeans before but they look really nice! I think I might have to get a pair or two for the summer.

  12. I have to admit that these Liverpool Jeans are ones I would love to have too. It is awesome you can wear casual or dress them up. The fact that they are pull up ones is awesome also and they seem to be so comfy. Thanks for sharing these awesome leggings.

  13. Those look like a really comfy pair of jeans! I need to buy some new jeans as I only own one pair!

  14. Oh i love the look of denim and shoes. They look so comfortable and perfect for summer.

  15. Oh that is a perfect combination of denim and sandals. They are so cute and i’m loving it.

  16. Love the look of these, and they are my kind of style! I’m also really loving the elastic waistband

  17. They are some nice looking pants. I have not heard of them before, but I would like to try a pair. From the way you describe them, I would love them.

  18. I like you sandal combination with those jeans. Jeans are all I live in. So good pair means the world.

  19. I love these looks. So cute. I wish I could do denim I haven’t done denim in so many years. I miss it!

  20. Trying to find the right denim for hot weather is a hard task in itself. Is there any for men like this 😛

  21. Those shoes go really nice with those jeans. The pants are nice too! First time I’ve heard of this brand.

  22. Those jeans look so comfy and I love the way they look on you. They will be the perfect wear for Blogher where you need to be stylish, but comfortable too.

  23. Wow, these jeans look amazing on you! Love how you are accessorizing them with the stylish shoes and bangles!

  24. Sounds like a great pair of jeans! Summer can be too hot in our place so these jeans can be a great choice.

  25. I’m excited to be meeting you. We’re going a little early and staying over to do some sightseeing. Be watching for my Liverpool’s lol.

  26. Thank you so much. These are so comfy. Great for travel.

  27. I can’t wait to meet you there. Maybe I’ll see you at BlogHer next year?

  28. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have never heard of this brand. I really like the look of these jeans. I will be at Blogher too!

  29. I wish I was going to blogher. I am going to try to go to Wow though

  30. Loving the look of Liverpool jeans! I have been meaning to buy some and try them out for myself! I have to say … love those sandals too!

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