How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes #healthy #weightloss
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How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes (Without Dieting) in 3 Weeks #healthy #weightloss

I’m happy to report I’m making progress on my journey to shed some pounds and firm up the others (to strengthen my back at the site of my injuries). And the main reason is because I changed the way I was eating/drinking. The 1 big thing I focused on at the beginning of my journey (a few weeks to a month ago) was to admit to myself what my addictions were and to either get rid of them or change them. The biggest 2 addictions that I knew were plumping me up were coffee (or rather what I put in my coffee) and chocolate ice cream (with whole milk). I don’t know what it is about a woman’s anatomy, but when we gain weight, it seems to center around our “center.”

I’m home all day, so I drink more coffee now than I did when I worked outside of my home. I drink coffee to the point that I finish one cup and start another. That’s a lot of cream and a lot of sugar going into my body. I need to switch to decaf and may in the future (probably will do half and half to start with) but right now, I’ve been changing the way I drink my beloved coffee. I gave up my sugar and I now use a sugar sweetener in my coffee instead. You would not believe the difference this has made. There are a lot of sweeteners to choose from so if you don’t like the taste of one of them, don’t give up, just try another. I’ve already adjusted to the switch. I ran out of my sugar substitute yesterday and tried a little sugar. 1 teaspoon to be exact. I used to use 2. It was gross. Really. I couldn’t drink it so I went shopping. My next change will be to switch to a healthier coffee creamer.

How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes #healthy #weightloss

The biggest other addiction I had to give up was chocolate ice cream. Gone! Just like that. I haven’t had ice cream in almost a month. I would fill up a glass with chocolate ice cream, pour milk over it, stir it up and drink it. All day and I’m not kidding about that. Coffee. Ice Cream. Coffee. Ice Cream. I would crave it in the way I imagine an alcoholic craves the alcohol. My mouth would water just thinking about it and goodness knows, I’d be a crazy person if I ran out. At one point I was buying several large containers of it at a time so I wouldn’t run out between shopping trips.

How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes #healthy #weightloss

I had gotten up to a size 6. I’ve never been a size 6 before (well except when I was pregnant). Not because I think a 6 is too big but because my back thinks it is. I happen to love the curves. My back does not. My back is going to win every time. I have an SI Joint injury that leaves me with chronic pain 24/7. I also had {failed back surgery that adds to my chronic pain) On a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the worst ER pain level, my pain on an average day is a 7. After going from a size 4 to a size 6, my pain level was staying at a 9. It would put me in the bed about 80% of the time, and even laying down I couldn’t get comfortable.

How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes #healthy #weightloss

After shedding some pounds by changing the way I drink coffee and giving up chocolate ice cream, I’m doing much better with my pain. I was able to fit into a couple of pairs of my size 4 jeans this week and that’s enough to inspire me to keep going. I don’t just want to fit into my jeans, they have to be roomy for my back pain so I’ll continue doing what I’m doing. My pain level has been between an 8 and 9 this week so I’m on the way to getting fit while eating healthier so I can avoid this happening again.

How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes #healthy #weightloss

One of the ways I’m eating healthier is that as of last week, I’ve started eating a salad a day. I eat them for supper (or dinner as some people call it) and for breakfast & lunch, I eat what I normally would. I watch what I put in my salad because the calories add up in a hurry. I added a portion of baked chicken to my salad last week, with a little fruit, alternating between apples and strawberries. 2 days of the 7, I went meatless. I’ve kept my salad simple but flavorful and this week I switched my meat up. I’m using Starkist tuna. I also added a little bit of cabbage to give it a different taste. There are so many different ways to eat salad that’s healthy. Honestly, if you have a good imagination, you’ll never tire of eating a salad a day, you can’t go wrong when eating a high-fiber diet.

How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes #healthy #weightloss

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  • I also started taking NOW Super Enzymes which supports healthy digestion by breaking down fats, carbs & proteins.
    1. What is the one food/beverage addiction that’s keeping you from your goals that you need to change/give up?


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      38 thoughts on “How I Went Down 2 Pant Sizes (Without Dieting) in 3 Weeks #healthy #weightloss”

      1. Eating fresh, minimal process foods help. Once you cut sugar stuff out. Less carbs. It isn’t about calories in, calories out anymore. Check out Paleo, ancestral, Keto, LCHF w/moderate protein way of eating (WOE). And eating FAT does not make you FAT, sugar does! Also overeating protein causes your liver to make excess into carbs..
        I get lots of support thru the various groups on (i’m Motherbear4). They do have an app but you get so much more also using the website!

      2. that’s awesome that you went down two pant sizes. It always starts with identifying what is the cause of a situation, then comes the drive to do something about it… I’m happy you knew your triggers and became motivated to take action and transform yourself into a healthier you! Keep up the great work!

      3. awesome job. it’s hard to lose sometimes but you are doing a great job. keep it up.

      4. Wow, that’s really impressive. I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle but it can be really challenging trying to cut toxic food and drinks from my diet.

      5. I cannot possibly give up coffee but I can skip the creamer. It will be difficult at first but I know it is doable. Once I get used to that, maybe I can move on to having coffee without sugar as well. Oh my goodness. Wish me luck!

      6. I admire your determination to get better and feel more healthy. It’s really important that we live a healthy lifestyle because it does so much for our health.

      7. So happy you were able to lose the weight without too much of a diet. Great way to discipline yourself!

      8. I’ve been naughty recently and let the stress of everything in my life get to my weight so I need to pay attention to these tips. Great post

      9. At the end it all roots on having a great healthy eating habits. Eating a lot of veggies and fruits is a great help to once success achieve a healthy lifestyle na da great body.

      10. These are great tips! I have recently given up cream and sugar in my coffee, I just feel like it will help me feel better. I should definitely try a salad a day.

      11. That is so awesome – congrats on your achievement! I think making little changes can make such a huge difference. I should give up sweets!

      12. It’s great that you’re eating a salad a day. That’s such a simple change that can make a difference in your overall health.

      13. That’s an amazing accomplishment! I love how you did it through just plain dedication and not through some get skinny quick fad.

      14. Wow! That is amazing! Congrats! I love sweets and I’m trying my best to cut my intake because I don’t want to gain more belly fat. 🙂

      15. I eat way too much sugar in general and need to give up chocolate. I applaud you for having the strength to stick to it! Very motivational!

      16. Congratulations for your accomplishment! Whenever I feel like gaining pounds, I go for GM diet and it helps me in reducing those extra pounds!

      17. Congratulations to you! Right now I’m pregnant, but after I have my baby, I know it will be time for me to start a good healthy eating and exercise routine to lose the baby weight.

      18. Isn’t it crazy how you don’t have to do MAJOR changes in order to see big results? Sometimes it just means letting go of one or two things to see a difference.

      19. Congrats on going down two sizes. That is amazing a keep up the great work. Cutting out sugar in our diet can really help you loss weight. I love the idea of eating a salad a day too. Thanks for sharing your amazing progress.

      20. This is really great and congratulations on the weight loss. Changing a few habits can have amazing results for anyone!!

      21. I think it’s sugar for me. I’ve always been slim, but in terms of energy and health, I know giving up sugar would help me a lot. Specifically, cookies and ice cream!

      22. Sugar would probably be my downfall! I have a sweet tooth! I need to slow down on the sugar I eat so that I can shed a few pounds.

      23. I am currently trying to get back into my healthy routine and lifestyle. My husband is dropping the pounds so fast but mine are only a couple of pounds a week. Dedication is important, I wish you the best with your goals.

      24. Oh wow well done you! I am slowly starting to shift a little bit of weight and I am hoping it carries, on it’s a long task but baby steps for me 😉

      25. This is so awesome! I am trying to loose the extra pounds after pregnancy! Thanks for the tips

      26. Good for you – that is awesome. I need to follow your lead because I have gained so much weight over the past year and NEED to get it off.

      27. Congrats on your weight loss! I remember eating ice cream that exact same way when I was growing up – in a glass, with milk. These days, I’m not really an ice cream person, but I do have my cravings for other foods that are not healthy. I need to give up bread. It just seems to call my name!

      28. I can’t believe how much weight I lost just from cutting these out of my diet. I’ve got to work on firming up while I lose though.

      29. Yes, sugar and cream are the biggest culprit. I’m a coffee addict and have been drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day. I’m cutting down on sugar in my coffee and instead of cream, I use milk. I don’t need extra fat on my body.

      30. I have been gaining a lot of weight and hadn’t really thought about the coffee being the culprit! I’m going to try to cut the sweet stuff out of my coffee! Oh, and the ice cream…I do love ice cream! lol

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