Why Your Winter Look Doesn’t Work

Why Your Winter Look Doesn’t Work

Nailing the winter look can be tricky. When the weather is constantly changing, you’re never sure what you should wear on a day-to-day basis. Is it too early to wear thick woolen jumpers without being covered in sweat? Is it time to retire your light tops and dresses? While moving with the flow seems like the best plan, there are some severe inconveniences too. Indeed, you can’t afford to follow the high street trends if they don’t suit your individual needs. Your body sets the pace. The best time to switch to your winter wardrobe is when you feel too cold for your lighter outfits. Depending on your temperature resilience, you may have already turned to your cosy jumpers for comfort, while other people are still rocking a summer dress with a light jacket. Everybody reacts differently to the chilly weather. That’s precisely why it’s essential to tune in to your body to find the best approach for you. Your winter make-up style, for instance, also needs to be in sync with your body. If you are struggling to make it work, you need to listen to what your skin is trying to tell you. 

Your skin is dry from overheating

Flaky skin seems for some people an unavoidable winter issue. In reality, dry skin can be caused by a variety of factors. Using skincare products that dry your skin rather than hydrate can have dramatic consequences in winter. For many, switching your skincare products can solve the issue. If it doesn’t help, you might want to monitor the air humidity at home. If your indoor air is too dry, it can affect your skin. Unfortunately, the main cause of low humidity is overheating. This happens in places with air leaks. You have to overheat to keep the house warm. Experts in window replacement recommend changing your windows to address insulation problems. This will cut down your heating habits and save your skin too! 

You’re using the wrong shades

Your skin can get a few shades paler in winter, as you spend less time in the sun. Therefore, you need to retest your foundation match for winter. You might find that investing in a shade that is a little lighter than your summer foundation is the best approach. Otherwise, you’re at risk of reproducing the infamous fake tan look of the early 2000s. Similarly, it’s best to avoid nude makeup during the cold season. Instead, accentuate your features with bright winter colors such as blue and silver for your eyes. 

Your washing habits make your skin worse

Your skincare products and routine need to change to follow the seasons. Indeed, it’s essential to be careful when cleansing and washing your face in winter. Your skin is fragile. When the weather is cold, your skin is more vulnerable. If your summer routine favors exfoliation, you need to adjust your scrubbing schedule to your winter skin. Exfoliation of chapped skin can lead to micro-tears, which will affect your look so you need the right salt scrub to get smoother winter-looking skin. 

That’s why I recommend adding J’s Natural Beauty Body Glow Salt Scrub to your winter skincare routine.  Using natural products without harsh chemicals helps keep your skin free of chapping or drying out while it does the job it’s supposed to do which is to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.  You can follow up with their body butter or nourish your skin with your favorite J’s Natural Beauty lotion.  If you’re on a budget like I am, you’ll love the affordable prices.

Why Your Winter Look Doesn't Work

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The best winter make-up for you is a look that respects your skin and its needs. Indeed, your skin in winter can be dryer, paler, and more sensitive than during the summer. Picking trendy products and colors isn’t enough to look good this season. You need to tune in to your body to find products that address your winter-related issues. The only way to look your best is to give your skin what it needs.

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