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Introducing Caffeinated Club

Introducing Caffeinated Club

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I love introducing new companies and products to you and today I want to share Caffeinated Club flavored club soda. Picture this, you love the taste of soda but you don’t want the sugar. You want a beverage that has caffeine without having coffee breath. Is there such a thing? Yes SMH. You can have your flavor infused caffinated beverage and drink it too.

I have been incorporating Caffeinated Club flavored club soda into my every day life as a ice cold beverage straight from the fridge as well as using it in other ways. I made some Popsicles with it and ice cubes for punch. It’s the perfect mixer with alcohol. The club soda is my guilt free caffeine boost from morning to night. For those of you who prefer healthy alternatives but don’t want to give up soda, this no sugar beverage would be a great substitute.

Introducing Caffeinated Club

A fresh burst of raspberries to delight the senses.

Introducing Caffeinated Club

When life gives you lemons, enjoy delicious guilt free soda.

Introducing Caffeinated Club

Orange and grapefruit tastes sun kissed with a touch of zest.

Introducing Caffeinated Club

Clear soda for all of your recipes and beverage needs.

The four delicious flavors include:

Caffeinated Club® Clear Club Soda
Caffeinated Club® Lemon Club Soda
Caffeinated Club® Orange Grapefruit Club Soda
Caffeinated Club® Raspberry Club Soda

Caffeinated Club flavored sodas are triple filtered to give you the finest cleanest refreshment. This soda does not include sugars, colors, artificial sweeteners, or calories. It’s a healthy beverage for a more health conscious you. The sodas are refreshing with the smallest amount of aftertaste. One of my little stinkers ones don’t care for the club soda to my dismay but us big kids prefer it over other sodas.

Raspberry Martini Recipe
Ingredients : Raspberry Martini
2 ounce Raspberry Vodka
1/2 ounce Razzmatazz Liqueur
1 ounce Caffeinated Club® Raspberry Club Soda

Shake well, strain and serve.

Raspberry Martini

Caffeinated Club® Clear Club Soda Popsicles and Ice Cubes
Pour Caffeinated Club® Orange Grapefruit Club Soda into Popsicle molds, half full and fill the rest with orange juice.

To make ice cubes, pour your flavor of choice into ice trays leaving ample space. Serve with your favorite beverages.

Freeze then serve.

Introducing Caffeinated Club

From a cool refreshing drink to an alcohol mixer, you can’t go wrong with this caffeine enriched, sugar free, soda alternative.

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Caffeinated Club® ships free to the US.

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  1. This Caffeinated Club flavored club soda is really a must try! I hope there’s one here in the Philippines :) Thanks for sharing this post.

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