Make a Duct Tape Wallet DIY Gifts

Remember the Capri Sun and Kool-Aid juice bags? When they first came out I wanted one of every flavor and color for the girls. They were so cute to me and still are even though the fad has kind of faded out. They’ll come back in style so save your juice bags and juice cartons. The below bag is by far the cutest one I’ve seen. I found it on Pinterest and have been watching to see if they have one that becomes available on They have a lot of other neat items I’d love to buy: from mirrors to keychains and all are made with recycled materials.

juice bags
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This post isn’t about those purses, I got sidetracked. 🙂 It happens. I’ve been in a D.I.Y. mood all month. The kids have a lot of time on their hands during the holidays and I’m always on the lookout for something they can make or something I can make for them {when they are getting along nicely so I can work on crafts that are}.

Back to the duct tape wallets.

The first time I saw a duct tape wallet, I was amazed at how creative some individuals are. There are many duct tape tutorials on YouTube but I guarantee you won’t find one better than this one. Go grab your duct tape (you can buy printed duct tape just about anywhere these days), cutting board (I use one that I got for cutting quilt squares), ruler and something to cut the tape with. If you are having a homemade Christmas this year (I miss the ones we used to have), this is a great gift idea for boys and girls. I even know some women and men who have one or two in their own collection.

After you make your wallet, please post a photo on my FB page to show me the colors and designs you used. I’ll be sure to add it to this post as well with your link.


  1. This looks like such a cool and fun summer bag to make. Yours came out amazing. I never thought duct tape could look so pretty!

  2. This is cute. So many things that we can do with duck tape, it’s unbelievable!

  3. It’s truly amazing what you can create with duct tape. I’ve seen some pretty cool designs when I go to the stores now. It’s amusing how this market has really opened up over the past couple of years!

  4. You can do so many things with duct tape! I love the purse!

  5. This is so so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Omg this brings me back!! When I was in high school I had a friend that made duct tape everything!!!! This is just too cool 😉

  7. That’s a cute use of the duct tape. Hope I’m as creative!

  8. My kids have made some of these before. I love how they can use different colors to make them different.

  9. That is uniquely beautiful. However, I know that I wouldn’t have the time or patience to make something beautiful as that!

  10. I really love all the tape crafts out there right now.

  11. I’m continually amazed at all the cool stuff that can be done with duct tape. That purse is the coolest.

  12. My son had a duct tape wallet given to him. The nice thing is there is such a wide variety of duct tape styles to make a personalized wallet. Will have to save this for my son to try.

  13. I just LOVE the idea of playing with duct tape! They have so many cool prints out (boy friendly too!). I’ll have to show this video to my son and hope that he’d surprise me with a superwoman handbag 😀

  14. What an adorable DIY I didn’t even realized it a DIY – too cute!

  15. This is a cool project. It reminds me of one of my wallets. Yup, it’s that small and pretty much looks like that. I still see those juice bags around but they’re very pricey now.

  16. This is such a great idea. I have been trying to come up with a unique gift for my husband.

  17. That is so cool! I want a duct tape purse.

  18. Duct tape designs are so popular right now. My daughter used to make duct tape wallets.

  19. How cool! I am always amazed at how much you can do with duct tape!

  20. I am telling you. That Duct tape can be used for so many things. I have actually seen them tape a person to the wall with it…. and it held.

  21. This is such a cute idea! Love it. It is amazing what you can do with duct tape

  22. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    My kids have duct tape wallets that they made in school. Very neat idea.

  23. That bag!!!! Oh, my sister would LOVE it! She’s a crafty person so I’m passing it on. I bet I get a wallet for Christmas now 🙂

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