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Me & My Travel Umbrella, Video by Abby

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I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a double canopy umbrella before but I do now. I was provided a Procella Travel Umbrella for today’s review and I was shocked by the size of it when opened. This is a big umbrella but you can’t tell that from the compact size. I love that I can use it to keep the kids and myself dry when we are out and about in rainy weather. I think I’m on the go more during rainy weather than dry because the kids “get bored” when they are stuck indoors. So off we go to find an adventure.

As to compared to small umbrella.

Umbrella without double canopy.

Travel umbrella with double canopy. I don’t know about you but when it’s raining outside, I want the double canopy over me. Kitty not included (although it she don’t quit biting my toes… j/k).

This umbrella screams sturdiness.

What is also unique about my new travel umbrella is the auto open close button on the handle. I can show you better than I can explain it. The umbrella has a button on the handle to open and close. See video. Abby wanted to help me with reviews today so I let her make the following video…

If you use my link to purchase your own umbrella, I will make a small commission. The following link is an affiliate link. Affiliates help keep my site going.

Where would you take or most use your Travel Umbrella? A trip around the world? To the supermarket?

You can purcahse your own Travel Umbrella on Amazon. Procella Travel Umbrella, Compact, Auto Open/Close, Double-Canopy, Case (Black)

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Procella Travel Umbrella

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10 thoughts on “Me & My Travel Umbrella, Video by Abby
  1. When getting umbrellas I prefer the sturdy ones. This sounds like it would be a good umbrella to invest in so I will be checking it out.

  2. For the first time in my life that i remember, I don’t own an umbrella. I do need to get one, esp. here where we’re no stranger to the rain.

  3. I’ve managed to keep the same umbrella for the past 9, almost 10 years. Which is pretty big for me. I’m in the market though for an umbrella for my daughter. Thanks for sharing about this.

  4. I love the small compact size of the umbrella. That means it isn’t just another huge and awkward thing to put in my bursting diaper bag!

  5. That would be super handy for my husband to keep in his work backpack. He walks from the train station to his building every day.

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