Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

Mommy And Me Tom's Shoes Sesame Street

Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

Do you ever get a catchy tune stuck in your mind and you just can’t stop singing it? Well, I do and lately, I’ve been singing the Sesame Street theme song so much that even the kids are beginning to laugh at me. What has caused this you ask? Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes! TOMS shoes are celebrating 50 years (that’s older than some of you) of kids around the world who are growing stronger, smarter, and kinder in a special collaboration with Sesame Street and have created some extra special shoes for mommy and me. I love sharing cool new products with all of you and after hearing about this new collection of shoes, I decided to order several pairs of them to send to Jesusa (more on her later). They are every bit as cute, comfortable and playful as I knew they would be and she hasn’t stopped bragging about how fun it is to match her boys.  It’s not always easy to find products to match for moms with boys.

Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

They have been wearing them everywhere they go or nowhere at all, just to have an excuse to wear them.  The kids have really enjoyed wearing their favorite characters and what mommy wouldn’t want to match her kids? You won’t have to ask the kids a dozen times to put their shoes on when you get ready to go anywhere. I can’t tell you how many times I was almost late or even was late trying to get the kids to find and put their shoes on. I finally wised up and made a shoe organizer at my front door but then I had to ask them over and over to get their shoes on so we could leave. Charlie and Ivan can’t wait to get their Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes on and they only have to be asked once.

Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes are a big hit around my area. I wear them, the kids wear them, and their friends all wear them. And just like it was when I was in school, when someone gets something new, everyone want’s it, especially when it’s something as comfortable as canvas TOMS Shoes. They have shoes for everyone; men, women, babies, kids, and youth. And they don’t just sell shoes. They are one of those shops that have something for everyone and that’s why I decided to share this new line of shoes and add them to my “Gifts For Any Occasion” tab on my main menu. Be sure to head on over and check out all of the Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes available.

Disclosure: Photos include Jesusa, Charlie, and Ivan because I thought it was time you meet her and her crew. She’s been behind the scenes helping me work on my site for quite a while now, following my failed back surgery. Not only is she married with kids, but she’s also a bilingual, Latino blogger. And she’s even in a band *wink*.

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17 thoughts on “Mommy And Me Sesame Street x TOMS Shoes

  1. These are really cute shoes for mom and kids. I need to get for my kids they will love it.

  2. These are absolutely ADORBS! They look super comfy too 🙂 I can’t wait to lay my hands (and feet 😉 on them!

  3. Aww those shoes are totally cute!! I like the elmo one!! They sure look comfortable to wear as well. Lovely kids!

  4. awww are not those shoes just the cutest thing ever?? I would love to get them for us too.

  5. So adorable! You all look so great and the TOM shoes are just so perfect for all of you. They must have this cosy feel for the feet, right?

  6. Those are the cutest shoes ever! My niece swears by Toms, but I’ve never tried them. I hear they are the most comfy shoes ever.

  7. I used to have a few pairs of Toms but haven’t bought any recently. These all look so cute. I don’t have children so I might look at some more neutral but fun prints.

  8. I still love Sesame Street and so does my little one. How cute are these? Definitely shoes I would purchase.

  9. OMG but I want them! I go crazy for the original shoes, colorful and inspired by my favorite TV programs!

  10. Aww, those pics are so cute. I like the red shoes and yours. No doubt all kids and mommies must be having great fun wearing those things.

  11. Okay, these are the cutest. I LOVE Sesame Street. I have fond memories of watching as a child, so I need these for myself and my kids.

  12. These are adorable and I know my kids would love these shoes (younger 2 kids anyway). I will have to take a look on their website.

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