New BBQ grill & Cooking Gloves

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I purchased an electric grill last year but it was so hard to keep clean, that I gave it away. This year I ordered a new BBQ grill from Best Buy (woo hoo) and I’m ready for the many get togethers I plan to have this spring & summer. Well, almost ready, we’re in the process of putting it together. I decided to go with a small grill that would be easy for me to clean and maneuver about. Isn’t she cute?

BBQ Grill
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Of course, getting a new grill meant I needed some new BBQ silicone gloves to keep from burning my hands. I’m the biggest klutz you could ever meet. Knowing how clumsy I am, I wanted gloves that were thick and could grip anything I might have in my hands. The reason I thought the cooking gloves by Red Dust Products were the best choice for me is because they have a 100% guarantee to work and because they come with a cute little butterfly clip that can be used to grip smaller objects. It’s magnetic so I have it on my fridge ready to grab when it’s needed. Two for one deals are great.

Cooking Gloves

I love how thick the gloves are, I don’t have to worry about burning my hands which is exactly what I was looking for in my new cooking gloves. The red color makes them stand out when I need to grab them in a hurry. I actually have a place just for them if truth be known, because I use them so much with my baking. They fit almost everyone so they can be used by the man of the house or the lady of the house AKA me. Or, the guests when I put them to work. They are super easy to keep clean in case you were wondering about that. Just put them in your dishwasher and you’re good to go. If you don’t have a dishwasher, a nice hand wash in hot sudsy water will do the trick as well. I put mine over drinking glasses to air dry after washing.

Use As Oven Mitts, Grilling Gloves or Grips

Cooking Gloves

Use As Oven Mitts, Grilling Gloves or Grips

You can purchase your own pair of Silicone Cooking Gloves on Amazon so you too will be ready for all of your outdoor parties as well as your indoor baking. You can use these as oven mitts, grilling gloves or grips.

What would you most likely use your cooking gloves for?

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30 thoughts on “New BBQ grill & Cooking Gloves

  1. I saw these on Tomoson and wanted to try them out! I need a great pair of cooking gloves but the lack of flexibility in some of the ones like this is always daunting for me. It doesn’t look like I’d have that problem with these though- I love that they are so easy to clean too!

  2. Hubby would use those for grilling. I would use them to move my Calphalon pans, lol. I love them but the handles get hot!

  3. I never knew I needed these till I had a pair. They really work and now I’m wondering how I managed without them. They are also good for really cold items!

  4. I have a Set of grilling gloves and love them! I do a lot of cast iron skillet cooking so these come in handy a lot!

  5. The apartment I will be moving to had a very nice garden and I am so excited to move just before the summer starts and I can enjoy some BBQ with friends and family so excited.

  6. Intriguing gloves. I wish they were a little more manly and I could get them for my hubby. Not sure if he would want to wear something covered in hearts. Unfortunately, I don’t do much grilling.

  7. I am always on the hunt for great grilling tools since I tend to get dinner started on the grill and I am always afraid of burning myself. Must look into these!

  8. Those are awesome. I can not tell you how many times my hands have slipped out of the pot holders and I have gotten burned. I need a pair.

  9. I’ve always wanted to try silicone heat gloves. My fabric ones are disgusting from years of spills and baking. These seem much more straightforward to clean.

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