Oceanside CA Metal Roofing And Roof Replacement

Oceanside CA Metal Roofing And Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are now gaining mainstream popularity because many owners see them as viable options. They are affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Except for the ones who own mansions that have flat pitches or slopes, many of the residential homeowners may prefer metal as the material of their choice. Know more about metal roofs on this page.

Of course, not all metal roofing jobs scream that they are made from steel and other materials. Some now have styles similar to shingles, and they may often be indistinguishable from the actual asphalt shingles that are the classic in many houses today. If you’re wondering about the merits of metal, here are some things that you may be interested to know about.

The Metal Roofs are Not Just Novelties

In the past, many of these roofing systems were only found in homes that architects planned, and they were usually the high-end types. Today, anyone can get metal roofing Austin because they are now more accessible than ever. They can be found in residential and conventional homes in many places because the manufacturers made them available to many people.

According to statistics that were published in 2017, there was a significant increase in the market shares of metal roofing. They are increasing at a rate of about 3% per annum, and about 14% of the installations use the same materials. Simultaneously, the shares for the asphalt fell, but it’s worth noting that it still comprises over 50% of the installations made in many homes today.

Installation on Existing Materials

Oceanside CA Metal Roofing And Roof Replacement

Many owners in Oceanside, CA, may be delighted to know that installing a mixture of aluminum and steel over the existing structures of their homes is possible. Provided that this is usually allowed by the building codes in your area, you may skip the tear-off for now and forget about the problems with the leaks. 

However, when you don’t remove the older structures underneath, it can be problematic when water vapor becomes trapped in them. They can lead to rotting and molds, and they can worsen the problem. Know that the professional roofers on sites like gen819.com can give you some advice on what you can do. The reputable ones will provide you with more information about what you should do and if you need to install a vent up there to decrease your chances of having problems.

It’s always best to consult a professional in these kinds of jobs to make sure that you’re following your county’s local codes and regulations. Jurisdictions in California will require you to tear off the entire roofing system before you can install another one.

They are Not Noisier than Asphalt

Many people have the common misconception that steel is noisier than asphalt when hail or rain falls on them. However, the reality is that they have the same noise levels, and there’s a solid substrate underneath that can provide a sound barrier. Others may prefer insulation or building attics so they can minimize the noise when it rains. If you’re sitting on a couch in your living room, you’ll hardly notice the pouring rain unless they begin to leak.

They Don’t Attract Lightning

Oceanside CA Metal Roofing And Roof Replacement

Some people mistakenly think that metal attracts lightning because of statistics and other unsupported claims that they may have heard. But this is not the case at all. According to the Metal Construction Association, it was found out that steel does not increase a homeowner’s chance of getting struck by lightning. They are generally less combustible than shingles or wooden shakes, and this is a misconception that should have light shed on them.

Various associations and bulletins assert that steel is a non-combustible material and an electrical conductor. There’s less risk associated with using it in the event of lightning and thunderstorms, which makes it a more affordable alternative to many individuals.

One of the reasons why your roof won’t attract lightning is that it’s actually seeking a path to the ground. This is why they are often striking the telephone poles and trees that go to the ground. The steel on the roof is usually an isolated structural component that doesn’t have a path to the ground because of its overall design. There’s just a very rare chance that this will happen to a homeowner.

A More Cost-Effective Option

Oceanside CA Metal Roofing And Roof Replacement

Although this metal roofing carries warranties that can rival the asphalt shingles, which is about 30 years, in practice, they are known to last for five decades or more. This is according to the State Farm Insurance studies where they found out that the longevity can even last up to 70 years.

It’s very rare for homeowners in Oceanside CA to install a roof twice while he or she is living inside the home. In contrast, the asphalt shingles may be required to have an installation, repair, or maintenance at least three times in a period of five decades. With this said, you’re actually saving a lot of money for the long run.

Impervious to Rot, Fire, and Insect Infestation

One of the primary reasons why metal roofing exploded in their popularity is that they are fireproof. Since wildfires are on the rise today and other houses are prone to catching them, they are pretty resistant to fire. Aside from this, other benefits that you can reap from them are the following:

  • There are no termites and insects to live or feast on them, unlike the wood shakes
  • They are impervious to mold, mildew, and rot
  • They can conduct heat quickly from the sun, and they let rain or snow slide more quickly off them compared to the conventional materials

Energy-Efficient Roofing

Several studies conducted in the industry have shown that metal roofs are prone to reflect the heat and light from the sun. This can reduce the cooling costs by as much as 25%. This is ideal for tropical climates where people often suffer heat strokes during summer and are paying a lot for their electrical utilities. The coating of the metals is something granular and shiny, and they have the reflective capacity that results in more savings.

They Work Well on Low Slopes

It’s often a misunderstanding that the metal roofs are only great for houses with steeper slopes, but this is not usually the case. There’s the standing-seam metal roofing that’s often found in houses with gently pitched slopes. Another thing is that they are often installed in large sheets with interlinking seams. They are sealed and raised in a very tight manner to resist rainwater.

While some houses are required to have steeper slopes so they can make sure that a water run-off will happen, many of the homes today can accept metal roofing even if they don’t have the steep slopes.

Severe Hail Can Cause Damage

Many of the metal roofing systems don’t require as much maintenance, and they are more durable than asphalt and other materials out there. However, know that they are not a hundred percent indestructible. 

Specifically, copper and aluminum are very susceptible to denting when golf-ball-sized hail begins to rain on them. Many materials like steel can fare better because they are essentially harder. However, if you’re living in a place where hair is common, you should be aware that you could get damages from hail. Some of them can leave impressions that are dime-sized or pea-sized, and you may want to call a local roofing company for repairs.

Installation May Require Professionals

For DIYers, it’s often not practical to install the metal roofs on your own, especially if you don’t have experience with these kinds of jobs. They are only available through select retailers, and if you want to take advantage of the warranty, you may be required to let the professionals in Oceanside, CA, handle the installation process. This way, you can call a specialist if any problems occur. The expert roofers will have the right knowledge, tools, experience, and licenses to do the installation so you can save time and money in the process.

Ridge Vents will be More Obvious

If you have vents on the attics or a continuous ridge at the peak of your house, know that they will be more obvious with the metals. On shingles, these ridges will look like a strip, and they are better hidden on the sides. You may have already noticed this countless times, but they are not as obvious because the continuous ridge vent can blend perfectly with its surroundings when it comes to asphalt shingles. On the other hand, they can be more distinctive in metal roofs because the prominent lines are so obvious.

You can Recycle the Metal Roof

Although these are long-lasting, there may come a time that you will decide to replace them with a new one because you’re doing a whole-house renovation. If this is the case, know that various companies accept them because they are recyclable. They can be readily accepted at outlets that are into metal recycling, and you can get some money out of them. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are often destined to go straight to landfills most of the time.

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